If Apple Bought Twitter, Would it Be Better At Internet Services?

Earlier this week I mused why Apple can’t seem to get the knack of doing anything on the Internet or cloud-based—Why Can’t Apple Manage Cloud services?—other folks are wondering the same thing and have an unusual suggestion: Apple Should Buy Twitter

Patrick Gibson makes a case for Apple to snap up Twitter if for nothing else, its expertise in scaling Internet services—Apple and Twitter:

Where Apple falls short, Twitter flies. Not only does Twitter use some of the most advanced web technology, they invented it. They own scale. They know how to send hundreds of thousands of tweets a minute. Further, Twitter is social network with values that (used to) reflect Apple: focus and simplicity.

Gibson makes a solid point look at these examples he cites as where Apple just doesn’t cut it in the cloud:

  • Apple can’t update its online store without taking it offline first.
  • A popular Game Center game was able to bring down the entire network.
  • Apple requires you to re-friend everyone on Game Center, Find my Friends, and Shared Photostreams.
  • Notes requires an email account to sync.
  • The iTunes and App Stores are still powered by WebObjects, a mostly dead framework written almost 20 years ago.
  • iMessage for Mac lives in an alternate dimension in which time has no ordered sequence.
  • Ping.

Yeah, those seem like problems to me. Not to mention the stability problems that iMessage and FaceTime seem to have on a weekly (or more) basis.

BI’s Jay Yarrow thinks an Apple purchase of Twitter is a little extreme and I’d have to agree with him, but only on the choice of company to purchase.

Apple does need to fix it’s whole Internet/Cloud services side. The question is how.

Maybe they should buy Microsoft or Oracle?

Who do you think would be able to rescue Apple from it’s Internet services malaise?

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