Infographic: Worst Cities for Smartphone Theft

If you live in Philadelphia, Seattle, or Oakland you better keep tabs on your smartphone, because according to Lookout, those are the top three cities for smartphone loss/theft. Not to mention says that 113 smartphones are lost or stolen every minute in the U.S. alone. Kinda makes me want to physically connect my phone to my body at all times!

According to Lookout, the top 10 cities for smartphone loss and theft are (per capita):

  1. Philadelphia
  2. Seattle
  3. Oakland
  4. Long Beach
  5. Newark
  6. Detroit
  7. Cleveland
  8. Baltimore
  9. New York
  10. Boston

And where do people lose their phones most often?

  1. fast food restaurants
  2. drugstores
  3. grocery stores
  4. coffee shops
  5. office buildings.

Here in Vancouver we’ve been experiencing a spate of smartphone thefts (darn you iPhone 5, how cool you look). Here the tactic is for someone to ask to borrow your phone…then run off. Borrow my phone? Are you kidding? There have also been several thefts where a thief grabs your phone from you on the train right as it’s coming to a station and run off. This quote from Vancouver Police Constable Brian Montague really drives the point home doesn’t it:

“It’s like waving five $100 bills in your hand, be aware of your surroundings (and) that you’re holding a very expensive item. They’re easy to resell. They’re a hot commodity for thieves.”  — Vancouver Sun

Stephen Ebbett President of gadget insurer Protect Your Bubble says this:

“Smartphone owners are a huge target for thieves, especially during the hectic, holiday shopping season,” said Stephen Ebbett, President of Protect Your Bubble, noting that recent Protect Your Bubble data reveals that 86 percent of its policy holder’s reported claims are related to loss or theft.

“With the holidays right around the corner, Protect Your Bubble wants to educate and remind consumers about the risks involved with owning costly mobile devices. It’s important to not only insure the new devices consumers purchase for themselves, but also any gadgets they purchase as gifts for friends and loved ones.

Check out (share) this infographic that tells the whole story:

So, keep your phone close and make sure you at the very least have Find My iPhone activated on all your devices. How do you protect your devices?

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  • STFU

    Figures its all in states that voted Obama. Kinda says something about the quality of his support. Just saying..

    • djman10

      Your conclusion is so simple minded that it doesn’t deserve a serious response.

    • dan

      Dude, please take your frustration over to the political sites. You’ve spent four years blaming everything — the rain, snow, hurricanes, the sunshine– on Obama and still failed to lead the country into believing your imaginary universe, I suggest you go back and spit your rants elsewhere.

      • Chris

        I don’t blame Obama for Smart Phone theft, rain, snow or hurricanes. There is a lot he has done wrong, but he can’t control the weather and even I admit that he has done a good job with his response to the hurricanes (could have done better, as there will always be room for improvement since NO ONE is perfect, but did a good job).

        What I do find interesting though is the corelation between top iPhone thefts and the states that voted for Obama, it does indeed explain a lot about the character of the people that vote for Obama.

        Those that voted for him tend to feel entitled to everything, this list helps to demonstrate that. People feel entitled to a phone that they didn’t work for and so they just take someone else’s.

        This is not what America is about, America is a land of opportunity, where if you work hard and are smart, you can get ahead and have a better life than your parents did. There are very few countries on Earth where this can happen.

        But this also means that there will be some people who have more than others that haven’t worked as hard. Is that fair? Yes, we reward people based on what they do and how much effort they put in. You do more, you get more. Those that find ways to make more should not be penalized for it. Remember all of that “free” stuff Obama wants to give everyone has to be paid for by someone and eventually those that are paying for everyone else’s “free” stuff WILL run out of money.

        So, in all reality Obama’s policies will hurt EVERYONE in the end, if not kept in check.

        Luckily the Republican still have some control and will be able to keep things in check, so that the people with the mentality that they can just take what belongs to others cannot take everything.

        • Edwin Alcaraz

          What this graph doesn’t show is that “those who work hard to feed those on welfare” are actually residing in all the red states that voted Republican in the election. How about them apples? rabble rabble rabble

  • dan

    Per this list I would simply say smartphones have a long way to go. If their biggest markets have the worst signals and the smaller markets enjoy the best signals, maybe cellphone companies need to reset their priorities.

  • Jignesh Padhiyar

    I was half-expecting NYC to be on top and what I’m seeing here is totally different! Cool infographic (and a very good example of marketing through infographics!)

    • Tris Hussey

      Me too! I was surprised. Maybe because it’s a per capita calc.