Interesting Bits Found in iTunes 11 So Far

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We’re all kicking the tires trying out iTunes 11. Besides the spiffy new logo and the obvious UI update there have been a few interesting things found thus far.

TUAW found that you can now adjust the volume of multiple AirPlay devices at once:


Here’s a neat feature we’ve found while fiddling around with iTunes 11: Its AirPlay popup panel lets you easily select and control the volume of multiple AirPlay devices at once, without having to bother with individual settings windows and it’s now accessible from the MiniPlayer. This way, you can pipe audio to, say, a stereo hooked up to your AirPort Express in one room and an Apple TV in another, controlling the volume on both independently from a window that looks like this…

MacRumors found that not only do the red-yellow-green buttons finally work like all other Mac apps, that there is support for a 128GB iOS device:

iPods have come in a wide variety of capacities in their time, but one notable capacity has never graced the device. There has never been a 128GB iPod, though as Sonny Dickson points out, iTunes appears to be ready for such an eventuality. A 128GB iOS device has been consistently rumored over the years, but has yet to make an appearance.

MacRumors also notes the death of Cover Flow (never used it in iTunes…all the time on my Mac those looking through folders of images) and iTunes DJ are now gone as well. The customizable “Up Next” (see our video for how that works) has replaced that.

Some people have been having trouble with the AirPlay button not appearing and layout strangeness in the App Store and elsewhere within the iTunes Store. I noticed some really strange layout things for one app I downloaded, but as MacRumors points out, iTunes just really renders web pages from Apple, they were probably just tweaking things for iTunes 11.

Finally, John Gruber noticed that on Retina Macs the Up Next icon in the player is a numbered list, while for everyone else, it’s a bullet list. I guess with all those pixels you can pull that off.

Have you had any issues with iTunes 11? Noticed anything else interesting (besides the plethora of Adele album covers in all the coverage)?

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