iOS Controls the Touch OS Battle Online, iPad Dominates in Tablets

In case if you’re wondering how iOS is fairing in terms of mobile OSes online, you have nothing to fear. A study from onswipe shows that not only do touch devices dominate the mobile web, iOS devices dominate all their classes.

If there was any doubt how touch-based devices are changing the mobile web, you don’t have to look any farther than these data from onswipe:

Content Consumption on the touch web Page 3
Content Consumption on the touch web Page 7

The entire data set is interesting. Like 84% of Kindle Fire users stick to portrait orientation while iPad owners are 55% landscape (I’ll be interested to see how the iPad mini changes that percentage). Studying the data in detail (I was only given a PDF and PNGs of thee charts), I bet app developers could really understand how to adapt their apps to target markets. If most, for example, Kindle Fire users prefer portrait orientation, then you better make sure that layout rocks.

Back to traffic data.

Content Consumption on the touch web Page 5

I think this shows a change in how we’re using our iPhones. I certainly surf as much on my iPhone as I do with my iPad(s). I use it for apps, email, Messages, and quick news checks. Checking lots of sites? Yeah a little cramped for me. What do this say about the app economy? I wonder how long it will be before we have more iPad only and iPhone only apps that people just enjoy on those devices and not worry about having on the other?

As far as the absolute drubbing iPads give all other tablets—combined—I’m not going to gloat over this. The iPad has had a huge lead over the competitors and I bet well see that gap narrowing over the next while as more Android tablets (and good ones) are in people’s hands.

In the meantime, yeah, I guess we can gloat a little.

HT: Techvibes

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