Apple Catches Up With Demand For iPad 4

Apple seems to have caught up with the initial pre-order demand for the iPad 4, as the online store now shows the device “In Stock” in U.S. and Canada. Now, if you place an order for an iPad 4 on Apple’s online store, the device would ship to you right away, instead of a waiting period.

The iPad 4 went on sale on November 2nd alongside the iPad mini, and it took Apple less than a week to meet demand for the device. Shipping times for the iPad mini, though, still remains at 2 weeks.

The iPad 4 debuted to shipping times of a week, which later reduced to 3-5 business days and now to “In Stock” in the U.S. and Canada. The Apple UK online store, however, still shows a 3-5 business days shipping delay.


The Cellular + Wi-Fi versions of both, the iPad 4 and the iPad mini, are due to start shipping in mid or late November depending on the country, and would most likely see similar shipping delay patterns.

Earlier this week, Apple announced that it sold 3 million iPad minis and iPad 4s collectively. The breakup between the two is expected to be skewed in favour of the iPad mini, since it’s an all new product, as opposed to the iPad 4, which was upgraded within a period of seven months.

[via 9to5Mac]

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