iPad Increasingly Being Used To Make Purchases On E-commerce Sites

Based on data collected from more than a 100 brands in Q3 of this year, a report from e-commerce solutions provider Monetate found that tablets, mainly iPads, are increasingly being used to make purchases online. This should be a huge surprise, since we know iOS is leading the online shopping world, the larger question is—what does this mean for advertisers and the growth of the “second screen”. AppleInsider has more details:

According to a breakdown of traffic by device, the websites tracked by Monetate saw visits from traditional desktop and laptop browsers drop from 92.33 percent to 81.60 percent in one year as mobile devices like smartphones and tablets more than doubled their respective marketshare. For the three-month period ending in September, tablets accounted for 8.37 percent of all website visits, up from 3.16 percent in 2011, while smartphones jumped from 4.51 percent to 10.03 percent over the same span.

The iPad continues its dominance in web traffic on e-commerce sites, commanding an impressive 88.94 percent of all tablet visits despite Android’s recent comeback in the tablet market by means of low-cost devices like the Nexus 7 and the Kindle Fire.

tablet visits to ecommerce websites

Conversion rate, an important metric for retailers, is nearly the same for both, the desktop and the iPad, at 3.12 and 3.17 percent respectively. Interestingly, the conversion rate for Android tablets is slightly higher, at 3.19 percent.


The report notes that a key influencer in a potential buyer’s purchase decision on any e-commerce site is the ease with which he or she can interact with the website’s design. Mobile Safari, built on top of WebKit, stands pretty solid in this regard, although a larger role in this regard is played by the website’s designers themselves. Going forward, the report predicts, designers and developers would be giving significant importance to tablet versions of their websites, often even prioritising them over the desktop.

Now, if people are buying more using their tablets, and people are watching more TV with tablets in hand…there is real potential here for brands and retailers to make it much faster and easier to buy something you see on screen right when you’re thinking about it. Now that will be something to see.

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