iPad mini and iPad 4 Coming To India Very Soon

iPad mini and iPad 4BGR.in reports that Apple will soon be releasing the iPad mini and the iPad 4 in India, less than a month after its release in the US. 

From the report:

Apple is all set the iPad mini in India in coming weeks. Multiple sources have confirmed to BGR India that distributors are expecting iPad mini stocks to be available any day now and will be ready to be shipped to retailers by the end of next week. However, Apple is yet to freeze the launch date and could possibly push the launch by another week or so to ensure retail preparedness.


We do not have clarity at the moment whether the cellular version of the iPad mini will be launched in India simultaneously with the Wi-Fi only version. The cellular version of the iPad mini has just started shipping in the US.

Apple’s most recent product release in India was the iPhone 5, which is still not available in enough quantities to satisfy the demand in the region. It seems reasonable that Apple would want to push the release dates as much as possible to ensure that adequate stocks are available on launch day itself. While BGR doesn’t have any information on pricing, we expect Apple to price the device around ₹20,000 (~$360), which would make it an attractive option when compared to the similarly priced Nexus 7 and Galaxy Tab 2.

Alongside the iPad mini, Apple will also be releasing the iPad 4 in India. The price, the report notes, is expected to be the same as the iPad 3, which started at ₹30,500 (~$554).

Apple generally rolls out its products to a number of countries at once, so we expect not just India, but a number of other countries to be included in the next rollout.

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