Breaking News: iPad mini Has Been Jailbroken

It looks like the iPad mini, which went on sale yesterday has already been jailbroken. It doesn’t come as a big surprise as iOS hacker planetbeing had managed to jailbreak iPhone 5 on the same day it went on sale.

MuscleNerd of the iPhone Dev team has just tweeted that the same method was used to jailbreak Apple’s new iPad mini.

Here’s his tweet:

the “failbreak” from @phoenixdev @chpwn in action on an iPad-mini :) (why failbreak? see @planetbeing’s timeline)

planetbeing had previously explained that the failbreak was almost like a tethered jailbreak but needs a developer account.

It’s not clear if the jailbroken iPad mini was running iOS 6.0.1 or iOS 6.0. It is also not clear what progress, the jailbreak dream team have made since the last update.

It is currently possible to only jailbreak iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS and iPod touch 4G (tethered) running iOS 6.0.1/iOS 6.0.

We’ll update the post as soon as we get any further, so stay tuned here at iPhone Hacks or follow us on FacebookTwitterGoogle+ or subscribe to our RSS feed.

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  • nabariba


  • Discreto

    Providing the photo proves anything, a screen capture showing Cydia would be more convincing

    • Brandon Hash

      why would a picture of cydia be more convincing than the terminal with raw details

      • Guest

        Of which Cydia is needed

      • Discreto

        I didn’t say a picture of Cydia, I said a screen capture of a Mini Ipad with the Cydia icon in it. I don’t understand raw details but I do recognize a Cydia icon, providing its not Photoshopped

        • Сергей Игоревич


        • grim reefa

          It makes no bloody difference, dumbass.

        • jaybeans821

          they have no reason to try to fool us, its not like theres an available for public JB, and even if there was, why would they lie…

    • Liam Googolplex Merlyn

      Terminal of which Cydia is needed to even be possible

      Also, why do we need proof? Are the devteam not trustworthy enough for you?

  • Discreto

    Let us not forget the Iphone 5 was also ‘jailbroken’ the same day or the next it was out and now two months later a public unthetered jailbreak for IOS 6 is still not out..

    • Kimk69

      Really, iPad 2, iPhone 5, just remembering those off hand I know there were others “Jailbroke” the first day or two, always good to hear their working on it but it doesn’t mean to much anymore to even hear this stuff on the first day because its gonna be many months before we get an iPhone 5 jailbreak. I know the debs are working hard but it just sucks and is meaningless to read these first day jailbreaks.

      • stretch

        you are an ignorant person. appreciate all these devs thats been working hard.

  • mkimid

    Not a wonder,
    Actually, it has made with identical parts (for CPU/FLASH/RAM) with iPhone 4/4S,
    only difference is the iOS 6. Actually, iPhone 4S also cracked within in a day.
    iOS 6 hs been jailbroken now.
    But, A6 processor has not been jailbroken not yet.
    iPhone 5 is not jailbroken. one of hacker has been installed Cydia after he/she use a special software under development mode to help to instal Cydia,

  • anonymous

    Is it possible to jailbreak the iPad 2 on iOS 6?
    I don’t have SHSH blobs so I cannot downgrade back to iOS 5.1.1, so I’m waiting for a iOS 6 jailbreak.

  • David

    Ill pay 2 grand to the first team who releases a untethered jailbreak for iPhone 5

  • Andrew

    If you actually know what your looking at then that screen shot says a lot. Keep up the good work dream team. I can wait to JB my iPhone 5.

  • iHateAppleFanboys

    Jailbreak… stupid fanboys

  • jaybeans821

    if all goes according to previous jailbreaks, i mean if the pattern sticks as previous years we should see all devices untethereed by the end of the month at least by mid december, hang tough evryone…lol

  • mochi

    i’ll pay 3

  • hom

    i want a iPad mini jailbreak!!!wow

  • Andrius

    so then its will be available? anyone knows?

  • Bader

    Is There a untethered jailbreak for 6.0 Mini Ipad or Even Tethered ?
    Please Answer :)

    • iPhoneHacks

      Not yet