iPad mini Launches in US, Canada, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, France, and other countries


The iPad mini launch has started! We’re well into November 2nd in the Pacific region with fans in New Zealand, Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong already getting their hands on the iPad mini and iPad 4th generation.

First pictures came in from New Zealand with one very happy guy and his new iPad mini:

Ipad mini purchased nz

(from MacRumors)

But it it’s not going to be business as usual in the U.S. Northeast where iPad mini shipments might be delayed, Apples iconic 5th Avenue store in New York City isn’t expecting large crowds, and both GigaOm and CNET think the storm chaos in the Eastern US will (literally) dampen first day sales.

We’ll keep updating this post with pictures and video from around the world, wrapping up with yours truly…since I’m on the West Coast of North America and only Alaska and Hawaii will get their hands on iPad minis after I do!

Share you own photos in the comments or email them to tris [at] iphonehacks.com and I’ll post them here.

Apple store image from CNET.

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