iPad minis Worth $1.5 Million Stolen From JFK International Airport

iPad mini boxThe high demand for Apple products, especially iOS devices, makes them an attractive target for theft. According to the NYPost, a pair of thieves stole iPad minis worth $1.5 million from a warehouse in New York City’s JFK international airport.

Describing the heist, NYPost’s report says:

The crooks struck shortly before midnight on Monday and used one of the airport’s own forklifts to load two pallets of the tablet computers into a truck, according to law-enforcement sources.

They might have gotten more, but the thieves drove off leaving three more pallets of the Apple tablets behind after they were challenged by an airport worker returning from dinner.

The two pallets that the thieves did manage to take away contained around 3,600 iPad minis, which had just arrived in the US from China, and were to be distributed across various locations around NYC.

Citing anonymous sources, the report suggests that the thieves were let in and out of the warehouse by insiders. Law enforcement agencies, having similar suspicions, have already started questioning airport workers.

While the report doesn’t mention whether the stolen iPad minis were Wi-Fi only or Wi-Fi plus LTE, numbers included suggest that each stolen unit was nearly worth $420. The stolen lot probably comprises of a number of different iPad mini models, but with the LTE iPad mini starting to ship, we suspect that these were LTE iPad mini shipments.

[via The Verge, AppleInsider]

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  • DJ

    That’s peanuts to apple…. But serves them f*cking rite!!!

    • Shrivatsa Somany

      Serves them right…why?

      • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

        some theory about how Apple’s evil

        • Shrivatsa Somany

          I don’t even know why I dispensed the energy I did to type up that reply…some people these days. I feel like people who dump on Apple are more regular in scrutinizing each article on this website than a regular (and what I like to think, normal) reader like me. Keep up the good work guys, I hope it helps to know you have one big fan :)

          • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

            Make that 2. Let the haters hate, it’s almost ALWAYS because they can’t get an iPhone for $19.99 Buy-One-Get-One-Free like you can almost EVERY Droid-powered piece of **** (self-censored!).

          • bcsc

            Yes you can. See craigslist Vancouver for Bell Mobility ads. They will give you 2 of those Iphone pieces of **** for free. (Self censored)

          • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

            LOL, Craigslist, the poor mans eBay.

            Show me a REPUTABLE COMPANY/Service Provider that sells the iPhone less than $199 WITH a contract.

            They don’t exist.

            That’s because the ANY phone is only WORTH what people are willing to pay for it. For Droid POS’s, that’s apparently $19.99 for a pair.

      • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

        Haters LITERALLY gonna hate when it comes to Apple.

        • Shrivatsa Somany

          haha yeah!


    Prolly a couple hundred of them are being sold on eBay and amazon Craigslist
    Best way to get rid of it is to whole sale it overseas lol

  • chungpham2004

    Look out for cheap iPad mini in chitown :)

    • iROCKu

      This time, they aren’t counterfeit iPads!!

  • Mozy

    Those guys are gonna be rich (and lucky).

  • Galaxy

    Looking forward to buy one iPad Mini from thiever….hopefully they sell half price..

  • Mark

    I wonder if they’ll know which serial numbers were in the stollen batch and locate or block them. Anyone know if that’s possible?