iPad mini Teardown Reveals A5 Chip With 512MB RAM, Stereo Speakers, Samsung Display

After several years of rumors and speculations, iPad mini finally goes on sale tomorrow.

However, teardown experts – iFixit have managed to get their hands on one and currently in the process of doing what every geek would love to do i.e. to crack open Apple’s smaller iPad to see what’s inside.

Here’s the first teardown photos and information they’ve posted so far.

  • The LCD and front glass are not bound together, so the good news it is more repairable, but the bad news is, Apple hasn’t used the in-cell display, used in iPhone 5. The technology integrates touch sensors into the LCD, which eliminates the need of a separate touch screen layer. The absence of a separate touch screen layer will not only help make the screen thinner, but should also improve the quality of displayed images.
  • iFixit’s iPad mini unit came with Samsung’s LCD panel.
  • It comes with a 3.72 V, 16.5 Whr, 4400 mAh battery.
  • iFixit has also confirmed that iPad mini comes with stereo speakers.
  • Unlike the iPad 3’s 30-pin dock connector, iPad mini’s Lightning port is permanently soldered to the logic board, which is not great from a repairability point of view.
  • It is powered by the A5 chip with 512MB RAM.
  • It comes with the following components:
    • Murata 339S0171 Wi-Fi, same as the iPhone 5.
    • Multi-chip Broadcom BCM5976 touchscreen controllers
    • Hynix H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16 GB NAND Flash