iPhone 5 Gets Regulatory Approval in China; May Go On Sale By Mid-December

Apple’s iPhone 5 may go on sale in China by mid-December. The Wall Street Journal has just reported that according to a regulatory website, the new iPhone has received approval for a “network access license” in China.

WSJ reports:

According to a regulatory website, an Apple device resembling the iPhone 5 has received approval for a “network access” license in China.

The phone is compatible with the network standard supported by China’s third-largest mobile carrier, China Telecom Corp. , the regulator said, an indication the service provider is one step closer to offering the phone in China.

Earlier in the month, China Telecom’s chairman Wang Xiaochu had said that he expected iPhone 5 to be available in late November or early December.

This should come as good news to Apple as the company has been losing market share to Android-based smartphones, which capitalise on the delayed launch of Apple’s latest iPhone to entice buyers.

During the iPhone 5 event, Apple noted that the iPhone 5’s rollout will be the fastest ever, with the device being available in a 100 countries by the end of the year. The most recent rollout was on November 2nd, when Apple released the iPhone 5 in India, Greece, Croatia, Thailand and a few other countries.

It is not clear if China Unicom – Apple’s other carrier partner in China, will be able to launch the iPhone 5 along with China Telecom as WSJ did not find any mention of an iPhone supporting Unicom’s mobile standard. But we’re assuming that the China Unicom compatible iPhone 5 should also get an approval shortly.

Via: WSJ

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