iPhone 5 Shipping Estimates Drop To 1 Week In The U.S

The shipping estimates for the iPhone 5 have now dropped to 1 week in the U.S., Canada, UK and Europe.

This doesn’t come as a surprise as the shipping estimates for the iPhone 5 in the Asia-Pacific region earlier today.

The shipping estimates for Apple’s iPhone  5 had slipped to 3 to 4 weeks immediately after it went on sale in September, but the supplies have been improving in November, as the shipping estimates first dropped to two to three weeks and just two weeks last week.

Apple retail stores have also seen a significant improvement in iPhone 5 supply over the past 10 days.

With the iPhone 5 ranking high up on the holiday gift charts, it was crucial for Apple to have enough stocks of the iPhone 5 to keep up with the huge surge in demand that is typically seen during this period.

Thanks a ton Stan for the tip!

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