iPhone 5 Likely To Start Selling In Taiwan Starting December 14

iphone5-front-backAccording to a report from Taiwan’s Central News Agency, carriers are in talks with Apple to bring the iPhone 5 to the country starting December 14th. Apple is yet to give a “go ahead” on the date or offer additional details.

From CNA’s report:

Taiwan’s major telecom carriers confirmed media reports Monday that Apple Inc.’s latest iPhone 5 is “very likely” to hit the local market on Dec. 14, more than two and a half months after it rolled out in 31 other countries.


The three companies — Chunghwa Telecom, Far Eastone Telecommunications, and Taiwan Mobile — plan to take pre-orders one week before the release day.

The iPhone 4S’ pre-orders totalled to 400,000 units in Taiwan last year, giving a good estimate of the demand of the iPhone 5 in the region.

Another Asian country—and a crucial one for Apple—China, will be getting the iPhone 5 very soon. China Telecom, the third largest carrier in China has started taking pre-orders for the device, which is set to go on sale from December.

Apple noted that it will be selling the iPhone 5 in 100 countries by the end of this year, and it looks like the December rollout will help it inch closer or even surpass its goal. With supply no longer constrained, the company couldn’t be in a better position to ensure that the iPhone 5 is available throughout the globe.

Via: 9to5Mac

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