Apple to Begin Trial Production of iPhone 5S In December

iPhone 5

Taiwanese publication – DigiTimes reports that according to Chinese-language Commercial Times, Apple may begin trial production of iPhone 5S next month, indicating that Apple may launch the next generation iPhone earlier than expected.

Here’s an excerpt from DigiTimes:

Facing low yield rates in the production of iPhone 5, Apple has accelerated the certification processes for related parts and components for the iPhone 5S, the paper revealed.

The report claims that initial production volumes are likely to top 50,000-100,000 units, with volume production starting as early as the first quarter of 2013. If this turns out to be accurate then Apple could launch the next generation iPhone much earlier than expected.

Apple usually follows a yearly product release cycle, so it is widely expected to launch the next iPhone in August-September 2013. However, it launched the iPhone 5 11 months after the iPhone 4S launch and iPad 4 just 7 months after the iPad 3 launch, so the possibility of Apple accelerating the product cycle for the iPhone cannot be completely ruled out.

iPhone 5S moniker also suggests that it will be a minor upgrade and not a completely redesigned iPhone as we’ve been hoping.

The report also claims that Apple may launch the next generation iPad mini a quarter after launching iPhone 5S.

[DigiTimes via MacRumors]

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  • Shrivatsa Somany

    Yeah I don’t think so.

  • Astig_808

    too soon,im gonna leave apple if they do that.i jus got my ip5 and knwing that i didnt even have it for a year and a better one comes out is jus to fast

  • Mounir

    Apple is hallucinating after steve

  • Rafael Souza

    There are rumors that Apple would be making the iPhone 5s to be launched in Brazil, to be compatible with the LTE network in the country.

  • silverwin

    When Steve Jobs died, Apple is also dying now. It no suprise that customer’s loyalty is decreasing these days.

  • Dave

    That’s right apple bosh them out, so all your loyal customers get alienated by new devices coming out when there still paying for ther old devices,

    It seems there copying samsungs stratagiey now! Knock them out quicker than people can buy them!

    I’ve lost all faith in apple!

  • 1020jjjones

    Do people really have to cry every time Apple releases a product. No gun is held To your head forcing you to buy. Go buy Samsung or HTC who release a new phone and tablet nearly monthly. I have Apple and Samsung. Both are great phones. If you don’t like Apple don’t buy. If your phone is good enough to purchase in first place keep it. You must be one of the people who feels like they always must have newest Apple product. I still sell the 4s, which is still a great phone like hot cakes. People really grow up. Not Apples fault. Don’t buy.

  • Rounak Jain

    I hope Apple doesn’t pull off an iPad 4 again

  • Marin

    Sometimes you apple fan boys really confuse me. You want apple to have the best products out there, but you don’t want them to release a Better product when they can make one. Why do you have to own the newest Of everything apple releases, wheres the logic in that? Do you go out and buy the newest tv every time one is released? If you’ve already got a good product, why replace it?!

  • Kingoo

    Pay 600+ for minor upgrade go go Apple. Show me the money.

  • Que

    Iphone fanboys disliked like my comment when I said there was gonna be an Iphone 5S in less than a year. It feel good to be right.

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    I HAVE to agree with Marin, this “I-MUST-have-ONLY-the-NEWEST-iDevice” mentality is STUPID. Is there ANYTHING else in the world that mentality applies to? Do you replace your car each time a new model-year rolls out? Do you upgrade your refrigerator every time a newer feature is available? Your TV? Washer and dryer?

    I think a better question would be: BEFORE the iPhone, did you HAVE to have the newest Nokia/BlackBerry/Palm/etc devices?

    Somebody please explain this ridiculous phenomenon to me?

    And yes, in case y’all don’t read the comments here, I am likely THE biggest Apple fan on the site.

  • Po Wah

    Guys don’t worry!!! iPhone 6 will be launch right after iphone 5s lol!!!! go fanbois!!!

  • Fireknight25

    Who cares. Buy what you like. Everyone wants to be right. Get a life people so you could let others live theirs. This is neither politics or religion. Its nice to express yourself once a while but its it worth get piss at each other for something that is out of your control? This not middle school when you could brag about what your mom bough for shoes or outfits. It doesn’t make you look like the cool kid, it is just sad that you need approval of others of your self-worth. I use both android and ios but I don’t try to jam my opinion down other people’s throat. I thought they’re both good in their own ways and I don’t need the approval of others nor do I need to waste my time arguing something meaningless.