iPhones and iPads Lead Mobile Shopping Boom

TechCrunch has been tracking IBM’s reports of mobile shopping and while many folks in the U.S. were having Thanksgiving dinner they were shopping too—on their iPhones and iPads.

Over the course of the day TechCrunch tracked the mobile shopping numbers to the point where in the second update mobile shopping was up over 20% compared to 2011. And what devices comprised most of the shoppers? Yes, iOS ones, of course:

Two more posts out with further updates, both times e-commerce spend jumping further, culminating at 17.8% higher than 2011, mobile traffic up to 28.5%; the number of consumers using mobile devices to buy things at 15.4%, and the iPhone accounting for 10.5% and iphone for 10.1% of all visits; Android at 7.7%. Social shopping was the only number to stay flat at 0.2%. The data will continue to flow on Friday.
From: TechCrunch

The mobile shopping data is quite interesting and as today’s shopping data starts coming out, it will be interesting to see if the trend (20% increase over 2011) continues. I know for many people the whole Black Friday shopping thing is an experience to have. My brother and sister in law make lists, make the rounds, and pretty much do all their holiday shopping in one fell swoop.

For others, it seems, that sitting back comfortably and shopping from their iPads or iPhones is the ticket. Many stores are offering the “buy online, pick up in store” option, which I’ve used before and think is a great way to make shopping easy, but not have to wait for shipping (like my Blu-ray copies of Firefly and Serenity coming from Amazon right now).

How are you doing your shopping? Would you (have you) done your online buying from your iPhone or iPad (buying apps and expansions don’t count)?

Photo from Flickr by NeilsPhotography.