Is the Facebook App Crashing On Your iPhone or iPad?


We’re seeing and reading reports of Facebook crashing on iOS this morning. But it isn’t crashing for everyone, so what’s up? Is there a pattern? Are other apps having issues? (Updated)

It almost never fails that when iOS updates, some app or another has issues and becomes unusable or just is crashing more that normal. This morning with iOS 6.0.1 we’re hearing reports of Facebook crashing on people’s devices.

Around the (virtual) office we’re not having problems with iPad 3rd generation, iPhone 4, or iPod touch 5th generation…but that’s not to say other people aren’t having issues!

Are you having issues with Facebook or another app? Let us know in the comments.

In the meantime here are our tips to help you if Facebook or another app is crashing on you (this may or may not solve issues that the Facebook app may be having):

1. Force quit the app (Instructions here). If that doesn’t do the trick…

2. Do a hard reset. Hold the Home and Power/Lock buttons down together until you see the Apple logo and then let go.

If neither of those do the trick…

3. Delete and reinstall the app. Once you’ve deleted the app you can find it again in the App Store and reinstall it.

Let us know in the comments what your experience has been.

One of our commenters Jyri said this:

I traced the source of the problem! The app works fine until there’s ads in the newd feed. You can browse the news feed as long as you want until you come up with fb ads. The problem is very serious if you happen to have some ads in the beginning of you news feed. Then the app will crash instantly you open it. Hopefully fb gets this fixed quickly

That might make sense that the problems appears to be on the Facebook side and not iOS 6.0.1  and why it isn’t happening to everyone.

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