Is the Facebook App Crashing On Your iPhone or iPad?

We’re seeing and reading reports of Facebook crashing on iOS this morning. But it isn’t crashing for everyone, so what’s up? Is there a pattern? Are other apps having issues? (Updated)

It almost never fails that when iOS updates, some app or another has issues and becomes unusable or just is crashing more that normal. This morning with iOS 6.0.1 we’re hearing reports of Facebook crashing on people’s devices.

Around the (virtual) office we’re not having problems with iPad 3rd generation, iPhone 4, or iPod touch 5th generation…but that’s not to say other people aren’t having issues!

Are you having issues with Facebook or another app? Let us know in the comments.

In the meantime here are our tips to help you if Facebook or another app is crashing on you (this may or may not solve issues that the Facebook app may be having):

1. Force quit the app (Instructions here). If that doesn’t do the trick…

2. Do a hard reset. Hold the Home and Power/Lock buttons down together until you see the Apple logo and then let go.

If neither of those do the trick…

3. Delete and reinstall the app. Once you’ve deleted the app you can find it again in the App Store and reinstall it.

Let us know in the comments what your experience has been.

One of our commenters Jyri said this:

I traced the source of the problem! The app works fine until there’s ads in the newd feed. You can browse the news feed as long as you want until you come up with fb ads. The problem is very serious if you happen to have some ads in the beginning of you news feed. Then the app will crash instantly you open it. Hopefully fb gets this fixed quickly

That might make sense that the problems appears to be on the Facebook side and not iOS 6.0.1  and why it isn’t happening to everyone.

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  • Shady420

    Its crashed a couple times today for me also, but i haven’t updated yet!

  • Zenkre

    It started to crash as soon as I downloaded the update app on iPhone 5, haven’t updated it yet so i don’t know if doing so fixes it

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    Crashed consistently for me for a couple of hours. Force quit, no help. Deleted/Reinstalled, no help.Didn’t try hard restart though.

    SEEMS to be working now…

    Edit: I am on an iP5.

  • Skyggen

    Have tried it all, hard reset and reinstall. It still crashes on my Ipad2 with Ios 5.0.1.

    • Tris Hussey

      5.0.1? Hmm now that’s interesting. Maybe something on Facebook’s side is doing something strange.

      • ibel

        iPhone 3GS, iOS 5.0.1 JB, FB 4.2.2 crashes all the time, tried FB 4.2.1 also crashed :(

  • Kevin

    I’m having problems with the facebook app… Its fine upon opening it but once you slide to see more posts, it will just exit the app as the slide comes to a stop. I’m running ios5.1.1 JB on an ipad 3rd gen wifi.

  • _Brake_

    Step 2 helped!

    • Tris Hussey

      That’s a favorite of mine as well.

  • markwold

    I could not get Facebook to run today on my iPad3. I deleted and re – installed, still crashed. I updated to 6.01 and it still crashed. I did a force quit on all apps, deleted FB, did a hard reset and installed FB. Back up and running to see this posting there!

    • Tris Hussey



    It happens some time but not a big deal, as IPhone 5 reload the app so quickly :), busy updating to 6.0.1. This might solve the issue, we”ll see :)

  • L

    All you have to do is delete the app and update to the new ios 6.0.1 and reinstall the app it should work. It worked for me

  • Danger0us_Dave

    i dont think is IOS 6.0.1 related, as it is doing this on my wifes ip4 on 5.1.1 we are in the uk if this helps

  • Skyggen

    After a quick look in the crash log, it seems to be a network issue

  • Jyri

    I traced the source of the problem! The app works fine until there’s ads in the newd feed. You can browse the news feed as long as you want until you come up with fb ads. The problem is very serious if you happen to have some ads in the beginning of you news feed. Then the app will crash instantly you open it. Hopefully fb gets this fixed quickly

    • Tris Hussey

      Now that’s an interesting finding! Anyone else?

    • Jeremy Taco Patterson

      Well that explains it. I’m sure, in further efforts to monetize the mobile app, Facebook implemented a “Pay to use” scheme into the mobile news feed. Had you simply clicked one of those ads, you would have been back up and running in no time.

      This is, obviously, a joke.

      Or is it….?

  • untzuntz

    my i5 on 6.0 was crashing earlier. i just tried launching FB again and its working fine now. I didnt hard reset or uninstalling/reinstalling. Just took some patience.

  • Facebooksuks

    pain in the A. I’d like to kick sucker burg in the A. This sucks every time I tryntonread something it quits on iPhone and iPad and I’m sick of it. Ready to get back to life and get rid of this social crap.

  • Javier Rosario Marrero

    Crashing on my iPhone 5 using iOS 6.

  • peros

    Yes im having problem with the facebook app from the first day release this amazing fast application everybody says.I have iphone 4 jb and if you log in with 2 differents account the app is crashing.I have use only my account and after 5 times of use again was crashing i delete it and download this app for about 6 times now i got tired of this!!

    • peros

      forgot to say running ios 5.1.1

  • JMontero

    been having cashing issues for a couple of days now im running on ios 5.1.1, have done force quit, hard reset, uninstall and install and nothing works it just keeps crashing after 2 mins of using it

  • Britjoe

    It does crash time to time on my IPAD2 and for some reasons more than often I cant play video links,

  • Alex

    Rumor at work is that if you change username and password it’ll work again, haven’t tried it yet though. Mine works fine, but my girlfriends doesn’t. We’re both on Iphone 4 with ios 5.1.1.

  • Knobby

    I have ipad 3 on 5.1.1 and its constantly crashing

  • ian

    Yay! Facebooks broke. :D

  • Tobolas

    I deleted and re installed the app and hasnt crashed since

  • Jeff

    I’ve had a crashing FB app the 1st day I upgraded to 6.0. I have a 4S and iPad 3. Haven’t upgrade to 6.01 yet, but will tonite. I can’t find any common denominator in why its crashing. It crashes at various points & seems not in the same place, but crashes regularly. I’ve tried hard reset dozens of time & closing app in tray, but no fix. I haven’t reinstalled the app yet.

  • Paul Cognato

    crashes everyday have to force quit then it works.

  • iphone promotion

    It started to crash as soon as I downloaded the update app on iPhone 5, haven’t updated it yet so i don’t know if doing so fixes it

  • mamamia

    me too on ios 5.1.1 when opening facebook website on Safari

  • Jane Akshar

    that is exactly what is happening to me, I can look at other parts of Facebook like my profile, but anything with a newsfeed crashes. I have reinstalled the app, hard reset all sorts. Is there a fix yet?

  • Dung Huynh

    Me too, get the same problem, tried restart, uninstall… but no luck

  • Dan Richey

    I bought a brand new ipad 4 last night. Every single time I open the Facebook app, it force closes within 10 seconds. Driving me crazy. I updated the ipad software to iOS 6.0.1 and the app still force closes. Next I did a hard reset, as well as deleted and then reinstalled the app, and it still force closes before I hit 10 seconds with the app open.

    Has anyone figured out why or how to fix this yet?

  • Fidler

    Anyone having this problem also have a Jailbreak? I do and facebook app is crashing after login. I noticed however that you can restart your iPad in safe mode when jail broken by holding the volume up button while restarting. When started in this safe mode the Facebook app works for me again! Off course the jailbreak/cydia tweaks do not work in this mode as they are no longer loaded. They will load again after normal restart.

    • Jailbroken operator

      Use iFile for jailbreak to change the Mozilla version to 4.0

      Use sbsettings to find out which folder it’s in
      System wide options
      App folders

      Find Facebook and it will tell you the scrambled name to open in iFile

      Open iFile
      Var/mobile/applications/scrambled name

      Open and edit
      com.facebook.Facebook.plist as user above stated

      Jailbroken and working

      Worked for me

  • Becky

    I deleted the app from my iPad 1 and cannot reinstall it back. Requesting for ios upgrade.

  • shaninanigan

    There isn’t a preferences folder in my documents folder in the FB app.. there is a preferences folder in my Library folder, but there are not any files. Please help!

  • Bobster

    Just upgraded iPad to iOs 5.1.1 and the FB app crashes every time on launch. Have deleted and re-installed app multiple times wo success. Ideas?

  • Emilie

    I updated my Facebook app and now it crashes before even opening. I’m still on the old operating system. I’ve deleted and re-downloaded the app four times. Hard restart does nothing.

  • youman

    i’ve tried everything it doesnt open once i press the app button it crashes what to do ??

  • Jazad1

    I just keep the bookmark on safari and bypass the app all together. It actually works better.

  • ChopperCharles

    Ipod touch, 5.1.1 OS, crashes on load for me.

  • Sam

    mine is iphone 3gs version 5.1.1. and facebook still crashes when i try to open it even after i deleted it and reinstalled it from my phone and from my computer,did hard reset too.Still have the same problem :(

  • Alyssa

    There is an easy fix. This happened to me tonight. I installed the fb app update on my iphone 4 and then it would crash IMMEDIATELY every time I tried to open the app. I updated my iphone software to iOS 6.0.1 and now it works perfectly fine. Better actually. Y’all just need to update your phones.

  • S. r.

    Not using the app just viewing the regular website and it crashes when I try to comment. Not all the time but when it does it will repeatedly do so to make commenting impossible. Hard shutdown does nothing for this.

  • Phillip Karam

    Same problem crashing on ipad. Apple replaced my ipad, still crashes so they claimed that the problem, is the facebook server. There is no tech support at facebook so we are screwed untill facebook decides to fix it. My wife’s ipad works fine. It crashes on both my ipad and iphone.

  • Mark.a.reid

    My face book crashers on launch to why any other app I use is ok could Uou let me no please what’s wrong with it I reset the phone re boot it clean it up by

  • Tar

    Recently started havin problems on my iPhone 4. I can scroll through the home screen fine but when I click a picture or a status to comment on, it crashes! I’ve tried the above steps and noting worked. Help! Reach me at with an answer

    • Shay Louise

      I have been having the same problem! I have updated my phone and synced it to the computer. I have tried all the step above but nothing will work. It’s driving me crazy :(

  • Jailbroken operator

    This worked for me, but i jailbroken so I used iFile

  • Bdad

    My jailbroke iPhone did it 2 days ago! Now my wife’s nonjailbroken iPhone did it last night. She lost most of her contacts. I was able to salvage some of them.

  • Edward

    mine just will not log in at all, throws up some crazy message. Works fine in safe mode. Turned off the firewall app (jailed with evasion on ios 6) and works fine !!!! I didnt let facebook access file system though ! (Theres an app for that)

  • Guest

    I am getting a black screen when I try to open Facebook with iPhone 5 as of this evening (3/2/2013).

    • Guest

      Okay… not sure if this was just a fluke or not… I rebooted the phone and now the FB app is working. All other apps were working fine (FB is the *only* app with issues)

  • Abdurrehman

    i have same problem in in iphone ,when i open facebook app it crashes every time ,and still not working on safari ?

  • pete

    Still having problems with FB app crashing on iphone 4S. Deleted fb app and reloaded fb app and still crashes immediately upon clicking on it. Apple Genus bar dude could not fix. Won’t stay on more than two seconds. FB is lame. Lame developers. Lame app. Help.

  • razarro

    im just delete and reinstall back….hope cameback normal. cant trace where the problem come from anyway thx for the tips….

  • Leslie Ann W

    this is still happening, and facebook is ignoring it… 84,000 people can’t be “imagining” it…

  • Ke Kimsuor

    It also happen to me ! when I scroll down to see more post i force me out of the app @@

  • Tobycat

    Facebook crashes all the time on my ipad mini and its so annoyingnthat it gets me to the home im looking for a solution

  • Ronnie

    I having a problem for my facebook apps because its not loading after i update it to version 6.3

  • Sorphea

    my iphone have internet, but when i log in facebook, it always said that time out!

  • Christiana Mouzouri

    I had a lot of problems until 3 days ago. Now is not even opening. I did everything you suggested and still I can’t open the FB application on my ipad2.

  • Rajun Cajun

    On the first gen iPad the FB app (new install) crashed when scrolling through the news feed. I was able to scroll through a few days of posts and then as it scrolls more it crashed back to the home screen. I installed the app b/c when sharing content from FB in Safari it crashes back to the home screen. I just did a backup and restore from the cloud because of this problem. It worked fine for part of the day after but went back to its evil ways.. No updates for the iOS ( on the iPad. Is there any kind of fix for this??

  • Ro

    I’m having problems with facebook closing on my ipad2. I am up to date on updates.

  • WZimmermann

    Unable to delete Facebook account in settings. It assumes my account is an old one that was deleted long ago and will not delete it tap the delete command. No reinstalation changes it. So there is no way to connect my iPad with Facebook to forward comments to Facebook at all. I have an iPad 2.

  • Tina

    My fb app has crashed on my iphone 4s i was updating the fb app n its says it cant dwnload at this time n the app is gray i tried to reinstall the app but it does the same thing turns gray n says try again later.. I even turn phone off back on n all the other sugg.. But no luck.. I cld use some suggestions. Thanks

  • Debbie Reyna

    My Facebook app is useing up my dada because all the videos are open and running all the time .., so I deleted the app and restarted and the same thing is happening .. Please help !!

  • Susan bimonte Donohue

    I can delete the FB app but it still shows in my settings. But will not accept my password. Will ask for me to enter password in settings. But does not accept it.

    • Jessica

      I have the same issue!! For me I couldn’t even log into the Facebook app at all because I kept getting a message screen saying to enter password in settings. I’d have to turn the iPad off in order to get off the FB app. But in the settings I couldn’t put my password in and I can’t delete it either….I get the option, but it won’t work. Even now with the app gone I still get that message pop up randomly telling me to enter my FB password in settings.

  • faran

    i have 3gs with iOS 5.1.1 jailbraked. i am having this crash problem with every app. even my msgs app gets crash or the phone gets stuck fr a min or 2. i deleted all cydia apps nd all the games bt it didnt got better..:/

  • Kirsten

    I have a brand new ipad mini. Facebook keeps crashing, as well as my photo booth app, I go to take a picture and it crashes….

  • Travis

    my problem is my fb app works just fine until i go into the messages part of it and try and enter text and also when i try to enter text in the search bar…..but the comment part and entering text has no issue. but as far as the other things go when i try to do that it immediately crashes. no clue…. running ios 7.0.4 iphone 4s jailbroken using evasion 7

  • Sam

    All was fine with FB on my iPad 3 until this week. It’s asking me to sign in in settings and when I do I get this: Error Signing In “could not communicate with the server”.

  • April Sakariason

    My ipod 5 keeps crashing when ever I try to share pics on Facebook. I tried deleting and reinstalling, I tried hard removing the multit task apps down. But it keeps crashing when ever I either try to post pics or when I open it.

  • raza

    my facebook messenger is not working after installing cydia so whats the soloution

  • Tommy Turner

    I rebooted my ipad mini ios6 after I deleted my FB app
    Then went to App Store n installed th free FB app and
    That stopped the pre-discussed crashing
    Thanks for ure solutions u posted.
    That’s the cure for me

  • spark spark

    I’m on a first gen ipad. I don’t use the Facebook app…just access it through safari…of late it just randomly crashes all the time. Sometimes like today, I’m just on FB for a few minutes doing nothing but scrolling down and it crash. Tapping for more comments makes it crash now also. This started about two weeks ago. I have only two apps on my iPad, Sketch book and a animation app I’ve never use. Any help out there???

  • Travis

    I have tried all,and none of them work,how long is gonna last?

  • Hussain

    I am Having problem with Facebook app on iPhone 5s with iOS 8 beta 5! It’s crashing and stops working and hanging! It made me crazy!