iTunes 11 Bug: Can’t Share, Tweet, or Copy Link from Downloaded Apps

2012 11 30 09 33 03

While working on an app review this morning, fired up iTunes so I could copy the link to the app so I could share it with you. Thing is…I couldn’t! The menu is greyed out for all downloaded apps. Now how are supposed to share, gift, or tell the world about an app if the menu isn’t there?

We’ve confirmed this on a couple machines (OS X) and would like to know if you’ve found the same.

So, go to iTunes 11 and search the App Store for an app you already have. Is the “usually there” submenu greyed out like these examples?

Let us know in the comments and we’ll research more in the meantime.

Updates: Tried the usual quit-restart, log out, log in routine and still, same bug.

From Apple Support, other people have found this as well (relating to gifting apps, same issue), and looks like Windows users have the same problem.

Dom Esposito tweeted that it’s working for him in the U.S. iTunes store:

So maybe a location-based bug? Other folks outside the U.S. seeing it?

More updates:

Here is a shot from my U.S. iTunes account, still no menu:

More tweets from Dom:


Anyone else?

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