No Matter How You Slice It, Kids Want iPads for the Holidays


A recent survey of U.S. kids and teens puts, you guessed it, the iPad on the top of their want list. Heck, can we blame them?

The charts say it all don’t they?

Holiday Devices K6 12
Holiday Devices P13+

Tablets, games, and smaller devices are popular for younger kids, and tablets and larger devices for older. Yeah sounds about right to me. Here is the larger societal question: is it all just marketing hype (the Nintendo Wii U is brand new and all over TV, so that’s a marketing thing I suspect) or are we really seeing that these devices are becoming essential parts of day to day life?

I’m not talking about addiction to screens or the Internet, but more that we use these devices to do things that everyone likes to do. Things that not long ago didn’t have a relatively inexpensive digital option. Music, books, games, school work. These activities have been a part of life for generations. Now the “how” of these activities is dominated by electronic options.

Get Battleship for Christmas (I never got electronic Battleship, but I had the classic one)? Sure on my iPad (and iPhone). Monopoly? Same. Collection of great books? Electronic. Heck I gave my teen aged daughter several cyberpunk classics for her birthday—straight to her Kobo.

So these lists are nice for Apple and us fan boys and girls to say “hey look, everyone wants an iPad!”, but really these lists are a reflection of how far into the digital realm we’ve moved.

Heaven help us if what happened in the show Revolution became real. Of course I do still use fountain pens and keep paper notebooks in my bag…

Via: Nielsen

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