Lightning to Micro USB Adapter Available in Apple Store Worldwide

If you thought the Lightning to 30-pin adapter was small, wait until you get a look at the Lightning to Micro USB adapter! Now available outside of Europe for around $20 ($19 in the U.S., $21 in Canada for example), you might think about picking one up. Just don’t lose it!

I didn’t really get how small the Lightning to 30-pin adapter was until I got one today. It’s just insanely small. I’ve tucked it safely into my Grid-It (where you can barely see it), keeping the cabled version at my desk. Now imagine an adapter that’s even smaller! The Lightning to Micro USB adapter must be just tiny. My advice would be if you get one, you keep it snuggly on a cable. I can’t imagine how quickly it would get lost otherwise.

You can find it in the Apple Store now.

That’s not the only adapter I’ve got my eyes on.

The Lightning to VGA Adapter isn’t cheap at $49 US, but I regularly do presentations and classes from my iPad. The VGA adapter (old style) is great, except you can’t keep the iPad charged at the same time. Looks like the new VGA adapter finally has a passthrough so I can keep my iPad charged while I present. Sadly it wouldn’t be available for another few weeks, but when it’s out. I’m scooping one up pronto.

Hat tip: 9to5Mac.

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