Lightning Trademark Transfer Hints at More Apple Devices to Come

2012 11 26 07 57 20

You know who owned the trademark on “Lightning” until yesterday? Harley-Davidson. Yeah, whodda thunk it. Technically Harley-Davidson still has the trademark on items related to motorcycle parts etc, but Apple has the rest. Now, the interesting part is what Apple added to the trademark filing to include for other uses.

Like Patently Apple, I think everyone would just figure Apple is tying up loose ends getting the trademark for Lightning all taken care of, but there is this bit that Patently Apple noticed:

At first glance I thought that the transfer of the trademark from Harley-Davidson to Apple illustrated Harley’s original International Classes of 009 and 028, especially because it covers items such as motorcycle electrical parts, protective helmet and turn signals. However, it goes on to protect television sets, games, computer game programs, eye glasses and eyeglass frames; things that would have nothing to do with Harley-Davidson.
From: Patently Apple

Yes, it’s not unusual for companies to toss everything including the kitchen sink into trademark filings for “just in case we need it later”  protection, but we Apple watchers love to read into things don’t we?

TV sets? Game controllers? Glasses? Oh those sound just too tantalizing not to mention. Oh yes, we could be one step closer to iGlasses.

Heck, I’d love a heads up display connected to my phone with mic, speaker, and all that so I could have augmented reality as I walk down the street. I bet Neal Stephenson and William Gibson are just beaming with “I told you so…” right now.

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  • Richard Swinger

    I would love the iGlasses so I could have both hands free when I pleasure myself.

    • Andrew

      Agreed totally. Now twice the pleasure. Lol. On a serious note though. Do you guys think they may incorporate a sensor that can see what ur eyes are looking at so u can do things with the blink of an eye literally.

  • NoOneCares

    Yup – reading way too much into it. Why wouldn’t Harley be interested in eyeglasses? Goggles anyone? Besides why would lightning be relevant to glasses for Apple – do you want your glasses connected by a lightning cable? Thought not – it would be wireless, no need for lightning.

    • Michel

      Maybe to charge them, or something else.

      • NoOneCares

        Possibly. Can’t see a clunky design like that getting past Jony. Inductive charging would keep the lines cleaner.

        • Future

          You could fold an arm of the glasses in and expose a lightning charge port on the frame