Lines Shorter for iPad mini iPad 4th Gen Launches. Blame Pre-orders?

It’s fully iPad mini launch day around the world. Word is that lines are shorter around the world for the iPad mini. The question is why.

Here on the North American West Coast we’re the last ones to the party (plus Alaska and Hawaii), and if the rest of the world is any indication, lines at Apple Stores will be shorter than usual.

This, I don’t think, should be too surprising, and shouldn’t be taken as an indication of lack of demand. Why?


When the 3rd generation iPad came out I was working at an independent Apple retailer (the largest in Canada, actually) and we were fully prepared for chaos on the first morning.

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Via MacRumors

No chaos.

The Apple Store has some lines, but if you went to an Apple retailer (like I’m going to do this morning), the things were just fine. I think this has less to do with decreased demand, but rather increased pre-orders. I think, like I did for the 3rd generation iPad, that pre-ordering is painless and you get your device easily without waiting in line. Remember, Apple did sell out pre-orders pretty quickly after all.

What I’m reading is a mix if “shorter lines” (MacRumors, CNN) and “hundreds line up” (Racked in NYC), I’ll be heading into Downtown Vancouver to check our one of our 5 local Apple Stores to see what the line is like…

Then I’m heading to an independent retailer to buy the iPad mini and iPad 4th generation.

What do you think? Did we overhype demand for the iPad mini? Let us know in the comments if you’re getting a mini or 4th generation today and how were the lines.

Picture via Mac Rumors

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