Lines Shorter for iPad mini iPad 4th Gen Launches. Blame Pre-orders?

It’s fully iPad mini launch day around the world. Word is that lines are shorter around the world for the iPad mini. The question is why.

Here on the North American West Coast we’re the last ones to the party (plus Alaska and Hawaii), and if the rest of the world is any indication, lines at Apple Stores will be shorter than usual.

This, I don’t think, should be too surprising, and shouldn’t be taken as an indication of lack of demand. Why?


When the 3rd generation iPad came out I was working at an independent Apple retailer (the largest in Canada, actually) and we were fully prepared for chaos on the first morning.

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Via MacRumors

No chaos.

The Apple Store has some lines, but if you went to an Apple retailer (like I’m going to do this morning), the things were just fine. I think this has less to do with decreased demand, but rather increased pre-orders. I think, like I did for the 3rd generation iPad, that pre-ordering is painless and you get your device easily without waiting in line. Remember, Apple did sell out pre-orders pretty quickly after all.

What I’m reading is a mix if “shorter lines” (MacRumors, CNN) and “hundreds line up” (Racked in NYC), I’ll be heading into Downtown Vancouver to check our one of our 5 local Apple Stores to see what the line is like…

Then I’m heading to an independent retailer to buy the iPad mini and iPad 4th generation.

What do you think? Did we overhype demand for the iPad mini? Let us know in the comments if you’re getting a mini or 4th generation today and how were the lines.

Picture via Mac Rumors

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  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    I would imagine its mostly the lukewarm reception it got among “techie gadget” sites and a bit of pensiveness among those not really sure where the Mini fits in their iDevice lineup. Is it a big iPod touch? A small iPad? A weird cross-breed of the two?

    That, and the price. I know most still know that Apple devices are GOING to be more expensive, but I saw a LOT of backlash about the sticker price.

    I do think the immense flood of positive reviews will ramp up sales over the Holiday buying season though. So far, from what I have seen review-wise, the press is turning to an overwhelmingly positive view.

    As for the iPad 4, I have to think the lag is from people who are still just downright MAD about another version being released so soon, especially with such big advances over the “3”.

    • Brian

      I would have to agree!!! Plus I think Apple is starting to get into “overkill”. I like the idea of a “mini” but an iPad 4, kinda proves my point.

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        I hope they don’t add any new products anytime soon. Apparently, they are becoming greedy (this is the general feeling I get from a LOT of people in day-to-day conversation) by adding a mini and releasing an iPad so soon after the NEW iPad was released.

        I would still like a yearly product cycle with a renewed focus on quality over quantity. I KNOW he is gone, but Steve Jobs would NOT NOT NOT let Apple face the public embarrassment that stemmed from the Maps debacle and scratching issue with the black iPhone 5’s.

        I KNOW for a fact he would have caught the scratching issues because he carried pre-release phones in his pocket with his keys JUST to test durability.

        • Disagree

          How easy would it scratch with a case? Just like the 4 and 4s had a glass back that breaks easy but can be “remedied” with a case I fail to see how Steve Jobs would of caught this design flaw. Same Steve who touted the new and improved (and flawed) antennae design of the 4 which I may add i just had a dropped call today without my case (something that doesn’t happen with it on). And the map app was not something they decided and designed in less than a year. I can’t imagine he had no say in the maps app or replacing it for the next iteration iOS. Without that app there would have not been much major features for iOS 6.

          • Jeremy Taco Patterson

            When speaking of Jobs, I said he would have caught the scratch/durability issue himself because he carried Pre-release phones in his pocket with his keys. I assumed everybody would know I meant without a case. Dropping a call when held awkwardly is a VASTLY different problem than the physical appearance of the phone being so easily ruined.

          • Disasgree

            The point was that he would not see it as a design flaw if it could be remedied by a case like a glass back or the 4 antennae. And I was not holding the phone awkwardly. Do not take everything Apple or its Executives say as fact. It was a design flaw which they fixed in the 4s and 5. Interestingly enough, they don’t sell grossly overpriced bumper cases anymore.

  • slick

    go Canucks!!

  • Jae. Just J.

    I know since this is an Apple site, it behooves one to be positive. But if this really was the real thing, lines would astronomically long. They will sell, but Apple missed on the price and the non-retina. Like Apple famously said, “Once you go retina, you never go back”.

    • sidenine

      I agree, but it’s not even just about the retina. It’s that their dpi is significantly less than the other similar sized tablets (Kindle Fire HD, etc). Why Apple would launch a product that is immediately inferior in terms of display than their competition is baffling, especially when Apple has always been ahead of the game in the display department with their products (until Tim Cook took over). So, seems to me Timmy thinks he can launch sub-par products and still charge an arm and a leg for them. In today’s heavily competitive environment, they can’t afford to launch average products.

  • Damien Callaly

    overpriced with a poor screen and last years processor and still some people stand in line and wait all because its an Apple product truly amazing.Would Steve Jobs has even considered launching such an average product?(no)

  • David Westman

    Size does matter.