Lots More Room in the Thinner iMac

We’ve seen unboxing and tear downs of the new iMac, but Ars Technica pointed out something pretty interesting: It’s a lot less crowded in the new iMac than previous ones.

Contrary to what you might think, with its new sleek exterior, the new iMac is pretty roomy inside, as Ars points out.

If you look at the new iMac note how wee the hard drive is…not to mention the lack of optical drive, which is no matter what something that can’t be any smaller than a CD/DVD, there’s a lot of room in there:


Now compare that with the last generation iMac from pretty much the same perspective (from iFixIt):

4EJ1DAZtbEYbOBhF huge

I think “umm, wow” is a pretty logical response to the difference. No optical drive, sleeker fan, fewer boards, there is actually air space in the new iMac! Hard drives are (and can be) smaller, and since Apple didn’t have to essentially plan everything around “okay, where is that darn optical drive going to sit”, it looks to me like Apple engineers might have been able to put things in more logical and efficient places.

Maybe this weekend I’ll wander down to the Apple Store and gaze longingly at the new iMacs and see for myself.

So, if the removal of the optical drive was probably one of the things that helped allow it to be so freakin’ thin, would you miss an optical drive in your iMac?

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