Some LTE iPad mini Pre-orders May Arrive On Thursday, November 15

It looks like some customers who pre-ordered the 4G LTE iPad mini could get them as early as Thursday, November 15th.

MacRumors reports that customers started receiving shipment notifications few hours back.

Customers seem to be reporting a range of delivery dates for this initial batch of devices, with the earliest ones set for this Thursday, November 15 but others not arriving until Friday or even the following Monday. 

As we reported yesterday, some LTE iPad 4 pre-orders could arrive on Friday, November 16th.

When Apple unveiled the iPad mini last month, it announced that the Wi-Fi model of the device will be available in stores starting November 2nd, while the cellular model will be available from mid November.

Fedex tracking reveals iPad mini pre-orders could be delivered on Thursday

Have you received the shipment notification for your LTE iPad mini pre-order? Are you one of the lucky ones to get it on Thursday?

[via MacRumors]

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  • Zach Bay

    My iPad mini hasn’t shipped yet. It says Preparing for shipment on apple’s website like it did all of yesterday. Hopefully it’ll still ship today and arrive on thursday. I ordered it about 15 minutes after preordering started so I should be in the first batch of shipments.

    I ordered the 32GB. Are all sizes shipping now? or just the 16GB?

    • Zach Bay

      Comments on another site indicate that only Verizon minis are shipping right now… BOOOO!

    • Tris Hussey

      We haven’t heard, but I’d guess all sizes.

  • tekchef

    Mine will be here Nov 16 Friday. Really sucks since the 15th is my Birthday. Hoping it shows up a day early. 32G white. LA, CA

    • Tris Hussey

      Happy birthday early to you!

  • Jarred Suisman

    Ordered 16GB Black Verizon. Delivery for me says Friday. I ordered it around 4 am EST (1 hour after pre-order started).

    Fedex screenshot below.