Make iTunes 11 look like iTunes 10 in 4 Steps

2012 11 30 13 22 54

Like the noticeable (and welcome) performance boost in iTunes 11, but don’t like the new UI? You can get back to the old UI with just four steps. It won’t be exactly like iTunes 10, but it’s as close as we can get you.

It’s very simple. Just a few clicks and done.

Step 1: Switch to Songs view

2012 11 30 13 25 36

Step 2: Turn on the Column browser from the View menu (or command-b)

2012 11 30 13 26 19

Step 3: Turn the sidebar back on from the View menu (opt-command-s)

2012 11 30 13 27 02

Step 4: Turn the status bar back on (command-/)

2012 11 30 13 34 33

That’s it. Now iTunes 11 will look like the image at the start of the post…which is pretty close to iTunes 10.

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  • MJB

    Is there a way to get a black background back?

    • Laurnzo

      Yes, uninstall iTunes 11… Download iTunes 10 and install…voila!! You have the black background ;)

      • Sonia D Webb

        it says I can’t modify or delete iTunes because it is needed by Mac OS X

  • seb

    thank you for this, i hate the new look to it. i want the old itunes back. it actuly puts me off using it :(

  • Stan

    There isn’t any album art placed at the bottom left like iTunes 10 did.

  • Rounak Jain

    i miss cover flow :(


    Already did those things straight after opening iTunes 11. Honestly though, I’ve been using iTunes for over 12 years, the changes Apple implemented is normal for anyone who has used iTunes long enough. Gosh, I even remember when Apple bought cover flow from a small independent developer.

  • bugsy

    thanks for that now i have an idea of what im doing again lol

  • Minja11

    Omg thank you!! I was about ready to fling my laptop across the room. You saved it’s life. Much appreciation.

  • vonbylov

    Thanke you so much… That just made my everyday iTunes experience much better.

  • xKiYoMiNaTiONx

    Just wanted to say thanks so much! I almost killed my itunes by trying to uninstall 11 and put back 10, but this is just as good! Thanks so much!!

  • Ravs

    Where’s the cover flow !!!!!

  • Joe Matchette

    Hello – is there a way to get iTunes11 to *act* like 10 did? Specifically, how do I get it so that when I move back and forth between my Library and my IPod, the program doesn’t reset all the way back to the beginning of my Library thereby causing me to have to scroll back down to where I was (note – I manually manage the music in my ipods).

  • cait

    thank you thank you thank you! i would still assume that apple will make up for this BIG TIME in their next itunes update. this version is absolutely horrendous. but a big thank you for giving me some resemblance of the unbeatabley better itunes 10+ program.


    THANK YOU!!! I was going crazy trying to see my Jazzercise DVD chapter movies and having to type in the search bar every time!

  • common sense

    Apple really blew it with iTunes 11. Not sure what they were thinking. Do they ever have focus groups of actual users to get input?

  • Liv

    Thank you so so much! I’d avoided upgrading on my old laptop for ages then bought my macbook and of course the new version was there. I’d changed to song view anyway but the ‘Show Status Bar’ has meant I can actually search things, click enter and only they show up which is all I’ve wanted to do for ages. You’re a life saver I was going crazy :’)

    Still a shame about the album artwork being gone in the bottom left corner :/ No idea what Apple were thinking really.

  • wordsmithy101

    I don’t have a “view” option any more..that is, the entire “View/Controls/Store/Window/Help” bar is gone.

  • Ivo Solther

    THANK YOU!!!!