Murky, Twisted, Tale of Color, Apple, and Lawsuits

There was a lot of talk about Color last month (a month ago in fact). Had it been sold to Apple. Or not. Or…just what. Emerging today are some pretty disturbing allegations in a lawsuit filed by co-founder Adam Witherspoon against other co-founder Bill Nguyen.

You can read the whole document online, but from reading posts on AppAdvice, TNW, and TechCrunch it’s pretty heavy stuff. You have all the makings of a TV drama, in fact (all of the points below are alleged):

  • financial improprieties
  • harassment
  • firing people who were helping investigate the CEO of wrong doing (people who were working at the Board’s behest)
  • verbal abuse
  • broken promises and double dealing
  • bringing armed thugs to meetings to intimidate people
  • Purposely keeping people from getting a job (with Apple)

Umm, wow.

Hey I’ve worked in start ups before. And one that ended badly. But I think this (might) take the cake.

One thing is for sure, though—Apple did buy Color’s assets and talent.

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