New Apple Patent Could Allow for Invisible Touch Controls


Soon we might be able to control devices with “buttons” that we can’t see and combine light and touch controls to send signals to a machine. Well, that is if Apple brings this something based on this new patent to the market.

Imagine if the volume controls for your iPhone or iPad are just a part of the case and not really “buttons” at all? If I’m reading this right, that’s exactly what these micro perforations could do:

Apple on Tuesday was granted a patent for an invention that creates microperforations in a device so small as be imperceptible to the naked eye, but large enough to allow the passage of light, that can be used in concert with multitouch technology to create invisible device controls. Via: AppleInsider

Not to mention status lights that appear to just be emitted by the body of the device or even the iconic glowing Apple logo showing hard drive capacity, network status, speaker grills that pulse with the music or show the volume (or an equalizer)…who knows!

Of course we don’t know if Apple will release anything using the patent, but we can imagine.

Oh we can imagine.

You can find all the details in the patent filing.

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