New in iOS 6.1: Better Maps Error Reporting & Lockscreen Changes

First reports of what’s new in iOS 6.1 are starting to trickle in…what’s new? What’s better?

First things people have noticed is that it will be easier in Maps to report a problem. Which is probably good, since “problems” are of Maps is about right now:


Next, and again, minor, tweak is the lock screen:


I had to look at the lock screen of my phone to see the difference. That’s it for now. Let us know in the comments if you find more cool stuff.

Images from 9to5Mac.

Via: 9to5Mac


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  • ffac789

    Does that second picture mean music controls are already there or just more compact? Like no more double clicking the home button?

  • Hovabyte

    Not sure what that second picture is all about. My lock screen music controls haven’t changed

    • Kim

      Maybe you were talking about iOS 6.

      • Pancho

        this is iOS 6.1 6.0.1 doesnt have these features
        Try reading a title

        • Hovabyte

          nice response Pancho you twat. Try using some manners.

  • Dan

    For those who don’t understand the 2nd picture, the appearance of the music controls is different. Volume slider is bigger and silver in color, and the play controls are spaced father apart, silver in color, and have a different shape.

    • Tammy Ford Piini

      Finally they spread out the music fwd and rev buttons. I could not believe that I was the only person who seemed to have an issue with pressing the fwd or rev by accident when I just wanted to press play. I thought this issue would have been fixed years ago.

  • Zamooda

    My maps screen does not look like that nor does my lock screen.

  • Chris

    Maps has improved. I can actually see where I live now. I don’t live in a blur anymore!!

    • John

      Damn. I no longer live in Tokyo anymore.

  • Tristan

    6.1 folks. Not 6.0.1 that was publicly released today.

    • Hovabyte

      Thanks for clarifying

  • bcsc

    Kind of funny how Apple constantly accuses Samsung of coping, and the sets the default background of the iPhone 5 and iOS6 to a ripple water image just like the lockscreen of the EARLIER released S3. I assume Apple fans believe that Apple has ‘Invented’ this ‘Revolutionary’ image?

    • Magalini

      That isn’t a screenshot from Apple, it’s just a screenshot from some punter who’s using the 6.1 beta. Nice rant though. Embarrassed much? You should be.

      • Kim

        Dummy. Apple doesn’t even own this website! Gosh…people nowadays -_-

    • Tom Mikele

      Even funnier how people like you make fools of themselves with moronic comments that aren’t accurate.

  • joshken

    Now they just need to update the video player buttons to look more like iTunes.

  • Jevel

    Where did u guys find the Ipsw?

  • Adam Neil Butterick

    I was in NYC. Maps constantly thought I was in Miami, FL. Hillarious.

    • Tom Mikele

      Actually, you were in Miami. Dial back on the drinking before you forget anything else.

  • busti

    can i still go back to iOS 5.1.1 and jb after trying iOS6.1 beta in a ipodtouch4g? i have all the shsh blobs needed if that is worth mentioning.

  • Ahmed

    Still so bad update maps can not find Pizza Hut or Hardee’s or dominos pizza or even KFC beside my house, I have 11 branches for KFC Pizza Hut and hardess

  • Uniquified

    Glad to see the audio controls are getting more space in between them — I’ve accidentally hit the wrong control while driving too many times.