Nokia and Sony Backed Patent Troll Screen Rotation Suit Can Proceed

Rotated iPhone

A federal judge in Delaware is allowing a suit by a “classic patent troll”—backed by Sony and Nokia, it’s worth noting—on three parts of iOS: screen rotation, rejecting incoming calls, and GPS/mapping functions.

While you can file this under “attacking deep pockets” or “failures of the U.S. Patent System”, what’s more interesting to me is who backs MobileMedia Ideas, the company suing Apple:

MobileMedia Ideas is an unusual company: it’s jointly owned by Apple competitors Sony and Nokia, which make smartphones, and a Denver-based company called MPEG LA that licenses patents for the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 standard. The U.S. Department of Justice has reportedly been probing MPEG LA over antitrust violations, and it was the target of an antitrust lawsuit, now settled, in a Los Angeles court. MobileMedia and MPEG LA share the same chief executive, Larry Horn.

Uh huh. So instead of Sony and Nokia hitting Apple directly (and according to CNET potentially incurring the wrath of Apple, and its legal team), they back a third party. Sounds kinda like the CIA backing one slimy dictator to take out another slimy dictator (the “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” paradigm). Several of these patents are given long, long before the iPhone existed and the rotation patent in fact talks about physical buttons to make the magic happen (not internal sensors).

Will Apple eventually prevail? Who knows, the court battle has been going on for over two years now, so I don’t expect it to wrap up anytime soon.

Good luck Apple!

Via: CNET News

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  • andy

    Payback is a b i t c h, eh Apple? What goes around comes around. I hope more companies will sue your a s s for your pathetic greediness.

    • Pacomacman

      It’s strange how all the Apple fanboys end up on this site. I bet you work for Samsung, hired to come here and stir up some sh*t! Would you like to elaborate on your pretty naive comments?

      • Not a troll

        Yes, pretty pathetic. Our household owns 4 iPhones an ATV3 and an iPad 2, and I have never felt the urge to go to a Android/Samsung fan site. And we have a Nexus S too, but it is a paper weight.

    • Nathan Hand

      Payback for what? Nokia sued Apple in 2009. Nokia literally started the smartphone patent wars. Try and educate yourself.

  • Pete

    It sounds odd as Apple has a licensing deal with Nokia and Apple is also buying components from Sony for their camera.

  • BCSC

    Great analogy with the slimy dictator thing. Problem is you got it bass ackwards. Apple is the slimy dictator(Saddam), Sony(Britain) and Nokia(America) are using covert attempts to over throw. And by the way Not A Troll your household sounds like a disgusting place to be. rotten apples everywhere.

  • Anthony

    Apple opened a bag of worms and now that bag of worms wants some apple