Oprah Loves the Surface So Much, She Used Her iPad to Tell Everyone

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Yesterday Oprah told the world she loved the Microsoft Surface and she had already bought 12 for gifts. Some eagle-eye folks caught a little, umm, flaw in her gushing love for the Surface. She sent it from her iPad.

I guess the Surface might be one of her favorite things for other people.


We’re working on our gift lists here to help you this holiday season. And you can be sure that if we tell you to get an iPad mini…we actually use them.

Via TNW, Zagg, and Drew Olanoff.

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  • Shan


  • http://www.facebook.com/THExREALxTACO Jeremy Taco Patterson

    So typical. Even somebody as “Genuine” as Oprah is supposed to be (at least in the eyes of American women) selling whatever pays her bills…

  • Justin

    How exactly is that a “flaw?” Liking one product must mean ceasing to use another? I loved my 2nd car when I first got it; does that mean I had to sell my 1st one and never drive it again?

    • Kiwiholden


    • grim reefa

      Exactly my thoughts, I own both a iPad 3 and a Galaxy Tab and use them both regularly for different things. I also intend to get a surface within next couple of weeks and will likely use all 3 maybe other 2 less though. Its just Apple fanboy intellect that thinks they can only have one or the other, or maybe their mom cant afford to buy them a secondary tablet.

      • Owarya

        You know I’ve found it’s more Android fans who hate Apple that make it so you can only appreciate one or the other. I’m a pretty big Apple user (though not for desktop computers), and I’ve had three generations of iPhones and two generations of MacBook Pros but I still appreciateAndroid for what it is, which in my eyes is a very competitive mobile OS that simply doesn’t quite suit my requirements in particular. I’ve heard plenty of similarly positive comments about Android from other Apple fans I know.

  • Ahdumy

    Ha! It’s like an Apple employee owning an Android…

  • jarred

    Even oprah knows how crappy a surface is….

  • Jobber

    Do you think Oprah writes her own tweets?

    • Alan

      Definitely not … and whoever does probably is in some trouble after this tweet :)

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