You Can Now Pay At Starbucks With Your iPhone Using Square Wallet

Square has just released a new version of its Square Wallet application in the App Store that will allow users to pay at 7000 Starbucks stores with their iPhone.

With the Square Wallet app, users will also be able to explore nearby businesses that accept Square, browse menu informaiton, store hours and transaction history on their iPhone.

Square Wallet Director William Henderson had this to say “Square Wallet gives people an easy way to pay at Starbucks and neighborhood businesses. We’re excited to work with Starbucks to introduce a broad new group of people to the benefits of using Square.”

Here’s how it works:

After downloading the Square Wallet app, you can use your Square credentials to login or create a new Square account.

After logging in, you need to link a credit or debit card to their Square account by entering the credit card number, expiration date, CVV code and ZIP code. That’s it, you can start making payments for your latte at any of the 7000 Starbucks stores or other businesses that accept Square.

When you launch the app you will see Square merchants including the nearest Starbucks store. When you visit the Starbucks store, tap on the “Pay here” button or tap on the location name to view the Merchant card for more information and then slide on the “Slide to Pay” button, which will display a QR code just like the one in the Starbucks app. When you’re ready to pay, simply scan the QR code at the Starbucks register.

Unlike the Starbucks app, you don’t have to top-up when you use the Square Wallet app as it is directly linked with your credit or debit card. You however won’t get the rewards points as the Square Wallet is not integrated with the My Starbucks Rewards program yet.

You also can’t use your name to pay at Starbucks yet, which Square says will be enabled in a future update.

So download the Square Wallet app from the App Store and let us know how it goes if you use it to pay at Starbucks.

The future of payments is upon us, though we hope that it will be even more frictionless with the introduction of technologies like NFC.

Hat tip AllThingsD!

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