Prey is the guardian of your gadgets [Deals Hub]

There’s no worse feeling than when you search for your iPhone – and it’s not where you think it’s supposed to be. You search and search, but to no avail. Then you realize the last time you had it was in the subway, or at that restaurant you had lunch at today. And now…it’s gone.

Today’s iPhone Hacks Deals offer is for Prey…and in times like that, Prey is there to protect and restore your device. And you’re not going to break the bank to pick this revolutionary service, either…because you’ll save 72% off the regular price for a limited time. That’s right, Prey is just $49 at the iPhone Hacks Deals page now!

With Prey, you can quickly find out where your computer, tablet, and phone are located, who’s using it, and what they’re doing on it thanks to Prey’s powerful reports system. By marking your device as missing, Prey will gather all the evidence you request and send it either to your Control Panel account or directly to your mailbox, depending on the reporting method you choose.

Here are the features Prey has to offer:

  • Sends incredibly accurate location updates.
  • Snaps pictures of the thief with the devices built in camera.
  • Tracks which files have been accessed or changed on your system.
  • Grab screenshots of what the thief is doing on your computer.
  • Tracks which programs the thief has running.

This iPhone Hacks deal is for an annual home plan of Prey, which allows you to cover up to 10 devices so your whole family can be protected from loss or theft. And Prey works for Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS, and Android, so no matter what platform you’re using, Prey is standing on guard for your gear.

But act now, because this deal won’t be around for long. Get Prey from the iPhone Hacks Deals page for only $49 while you still can – and get this gadget guardian today!

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