RapidWeaver 5 is the ideal successor to iWeb [Deals Hub]


Remember iWeb? It was part of the iLife suite of apps not too long ago, and it allowed you to make websites simply and without having to know a stitch of code. Sure, it did have its limitations, but it got the job done. Sort of.

I remember using iWeb to build my first website, and it looked pretty darn good. But then I found RapidWeaver and saw just how much more my website could be. The creation interfaces weren’t too different, which was a bonus – and it let me amp up that first website several notches above what iWeb could. And now you can get RapidWeaver 5 to help you take your website to beautiful and powerful new heights for only $49 thanks to iPhone Hacks Deals.

But that’s not all we’re offering in this deal. We’re adding in the stellar Nobility theme as part of this deal, a theme that will help get your website looking even more amazing in just seconds. It’s a beautiful look for your site, with plenty of options to customize the colours, textures, and icons on each page.

Here are some of the features in the Nobility theme:

  • A Lightbox option for the built-in photo album
  • The ability to toggle image borders and shadows
  • Header height options – flexible (default), 300, 400, 500 & 600 pixels
  • Additional color options – Headers 1 through 5 can now be customised
  • You can position the sidebar area above or below the main content

But there are things unique to this theme that make it all the more special. The header area automatically adjusts to your content, and the “sidebar” area just below the main content is automatically hidden if it’s empty. A plugin sidebar is automatically added when a plugin adds additional information to the page, and the theme sports unique form styles and animated drop-down menus as well.

RapidWeaver makes it ridiculously easy to create stunning websites on your Mac. With its code-free creation, delicious designs, and its ability to deliver publishing perfection, you can’t go wrong by picking up this latest iPhone Hacks Deals offer while it lasts (which isn’t much longer).

Start using the ideal successor to iWeb by creating beautiful and powerful websites today with RapidWeaver 5 and the Nobility theme today!

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