Ready to play? Lots of classic games on sale right now

Thanksgiving is a time for family, friends, and playing games. I don’t just mean everyone nose down into their devices, but how about playing classic games together but digitally? Every holiday season EA games puts some of its most beloved classic board games on sale for $0.99 (iPhone, iPad, and Universal), today is no different. It’s time to play.

EA Mobile has the rights to a lot of classic board games like Risk, Monopoly, Life, Battleship, Scrabble and so many others. I really love the attention to detail in games like Battleship, Monopoly, and Risk. My brother-in-law and I played a lot of Battleship this summer. Lots of fun and, no, we weren’t just head down playing.

Personally, I think playing digital versions of games is easier and more fun than the “real” versions. Why? You don’t have to set up the board. You don’t have to find missing pieces. You don’t have to keep score. Heck you don’t even have to clean up. Need to stop a game for dessert? Just stop and set your devices down.

So, what’s on sale? Tons. So many that I think the best way to stay on top of the deals is to visit AppShopper regularly and refresh often. Even as I was writing this post I was going to say, “oh it’s too bad the iPad version of Monopoly isn’t $0.99…” and then there it was on sale!

So my picks for games (I’ve linked to the iPad versions…cause they are cooler):

Don’t miss all the other EA games that are on sale too. I think there is really something on sale for everyone (first person shooters, racing, etc), so now is the time to get a game for when you’re traveling or just need some time to let the turkey digest.

And if that isn’t enough, Gameloft has a bunch of their games on sale too plus Plants vs Zombies HD and regular from PopCap. Not to mention games from CAPCOM and SubAtomic (Fieldrunners). Really if you want a game…now is the time. Sure, some of these will go free over the holidays for a day or two (EA did that last year), but really $0.99 isn’t much to spend for a lot of fun.

What’s you favorite classic game gone digital? Jenga? Battleship? Risk? Chime in!

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