Samsung to Start Mass Production of Flexible OLED Screens for Mobile Devcies

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Welcome to a world where your smartphone or tablet screen doesn’t shatter if you drop it or you can have e-paper that bends like paper. Yes, Samsung is pushing forward with plans to mass product OLED-based flexible, plastic screens.

According to the WSJ Samsung is betting big on OLED screens, not just for the innovative places they could be placed, but also for some pretty pragmatic reasons:

The pliable displays ditch the glass, combining a plastic structure with thin OLEDs to produce mobile screens less susceptible to shattering. While the technology has actually been tossed around tech circles for quite some time, no company has moved into mass production, as there’s no guarantee the new displays will click with consumers.

“The key reason for Samsung to use plastic rather than conventional glass is to produce displays that aren’t breakable. The technology could also help lower manufacturing costs and help differentiate its products from other rivals,” Seung-chul told Wall Street Journal.
From: Mac|Life

Yeah, I’d say having a screen that is sure sharp but shatter-proof is a really good thing. Mac|Life’s Matt Clark wonders if these screens will catch on with consumers, and I think it’s a fair bet that they will—if they can stand up to the “Retina test”. If the screen has a sub-par display, then it will be relegated to a few products. If, on the other hand, the screen is (more) beautiful than it is durable, then Samsung will have a hit on its hands.

Then the next question will be: who else will (be able to) use them? Would Apple switch to OLED tech for screens that don’t shatter? Or does Apple have something else up its sleeve?

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    This does look really unique, hope apple has something up there sleeves still….

  • Que

    Very innovative and interesting.

  • T

    I bet my money on this… Time to buy some stocks without a doubt

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    There are countless uses for these displays. If they can indeed ramp up the resolution to 200PPI equivalent, I would definitely think they will be HIGHLY sought after.

  • Сергей Игоревич

    It seems u all r missing smthing
    An absolutely useless feature
    Surely everyone wants a retina display on their gadgets. Apple has set rather high standarts of customers’ demand.
    Who would be fascinated on a technology which is already outdated? Samsung, as usual

    • Are you serious?

      I don’t know if you are joking, but the retina display is the outdated technology. In fact it’s just a high quality lcd nothing new about it. Contrary to oled displays. they are the newest display technology on the market. Because of that, there are some problems with oleds, but we have to thank Samsung for etablishing oleds in smartphones so that more attention is drawn to this technology and I’m pretty sure oled displays are going to be the display technology of tomorrow.
      (I’m not a native speaker and if you find mistakes in my language, I would be pleased if you could correct me.)

    • Po Wah

      I bet if Apple were to have a feature like that you would be ALL over it saying best idea ever. Fanboi, as usual.

      • Сергей Игоревич

        I can’t imagine an apple device, btw, with such an ugly pixelated screen. Can you?

  • jaybeans821

    innovative indeed, and great for when dropping our devices but other then that i dont really see a need to bend my screen on my device,but that might just be me!

  • Noneya

    Great idea. now we just need a frame,battery,digitizer,and a screen protector that bends as well. lol.

    I can how ever really see this being used as a wrist watch/phone – wrist watch/MP3 player. digitizer(plastic or glass) can have a curve to it to match the flexible screen.
    All wireless. Bluetooth, Wifi and charging(or micro usb). Id buy one. Hell I bought an iPad mini already having an Acer 700.

  • Casual Observer

    If Samsung has patented this tech, which I’m sure it has, apple will be left behind. The worst aspect of the iPhone is the shattering of the screen when dropped, which I think in this day and age is inexcusable.