SharePoint, SkyDrive Pro for iOS Coming Early 2013

Although Microsoft might be a dirty word around here, their software is all over the place (and that terrible song for Windows 8), and SharePoint is a big deal for a lot of people. According to ZDNet, we’ll be seeing the first iOS apps for SharePoint and SkyDrive Pro by early 2013.

As the big SharePoint conference kicks off we’re starting to get news about SharePoint apps and advances. Granted, and as expected, Windows 8 will get dibs on the cool stuff first, we’re not being left out in the cold:

“A separate SkyDrive Pro app will provide Windows 8 and iOS users with access to SkyDrive Pro. In spite of some Microsoft officials’ claims to the contrary, SkyDrive Pro is the new name for SharePoint Workspace. It allows users to save SharePoint content for offline use. There’s already a SkyDrive Pro app available as part of the Office Hub on Windows Phone 8. Microsoft officials plan to announce availability targets for the Windows 8 and iOS versions of this app ‘at a later time.”
AlFrom: ZDNet


I can’t really say w00t! for this, because my experiences with early versions of SharePoint were rather dreadful, but you know that was the early 2000s, I figure it’s better now. However, SharePoint is a big deal for Microsoft. From the ZDNet article:

SharePoint is now one of just a handful of Microsoft products that is contributing more than $2 billion annually in revenues, according to Microsoft officials. (That milestone was achieved at the end of Microsoft’s fiscal 2012 in June 2012.) SharePoint was one of the first Microsoft products to cross the $1 billion business threshhold.

It’s no iPhone, but pretty darn good I’d say. It’s important, then, for SharePoint to be as broadly accepted as possible. BYOD is a real force in the workplace today, I’ve heard of several companies letting people buy their choice of smartphone on the company’s dime, so if you have lots of iPads and iPhones in your company and you rely on SharePoint, this is great news.

Are SharePoint and SkyDrive Pro in your toolkit?

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