Shopping Apps for iPhone and iPad

Holiday shopping season is almost upon us. If there is one thing that technology can help you with, it’s shopping. Comparison shopping, deals, product info—there are apps to help you out. We’ve picked some of the best apps that we think you might like to help you with your shopping. We’ve organized this list with store-specific apps in one section and general shopping apps in another. Also, all these apps are free. Free is good, free is good.

General shopping

These apps are intended to help you comparison shop and find the best deals around. This is one category where there are tons of apps, here are a few to get you started on your bargain hunting bonaza.

Black Friday Shopping gives you a sneak peak at the ads, the offers, and all the rest. If Black Friday is your thing you might also want to be armed with the Black Friday Survival Guide to be doubly prepared.

Google Shopper let Google help you find the best price, get product info. How does it work? Take a picture, scan a barcode and let Google do the rest.

RedLaser has been my go to scanning and product checking app for a while. Essentially, like Google Shopper for finding the best prices and deals. Lots of other reviews include Quick Scan for this same thing.

Price Check by Amazon RedLaser and other apps will through Amazon results into the mix too, but Amazon has their own app for this. Why not take advantage of that, huh?

Store Apps

Lots of stores have their own apps to give you access to specials, deals, and coupons. Here are some of the store apps you might like. Exhaustive list? Hardly. Great place to start…that’s for sure. An interesting note is that I found a number of stores had separate iPhone and iPad apps (Target and WalMart for example), which I found really odd.

Apple Store we have to start with and include the Apple Store don’t we? Preordering, quick paying, and all sorts of other fun. Oh yes, just take more of my money…

Amazon Mobile okay Amazon isn’t a brick and mortar store yet but that doesn’t mean you can’t shop there on the go!

Macy’s how could I not include the store founded by Rowland Hussey Macy (yes I’m related, no I don’t get a discount)! Trivia fact, the Macy’s star symbol is from the tattoo on R.H. Macy’s hand. Also R.H. Macy started four stores in Massachusetts that all failed before moving to New York City and succeeding.

Nordstrom a classic department store with a nice app.

Lowe’s power tools! Okay lots of other stuff, but, come on! Power tools! Lowe’s has just arrived in Canada, but they only have the U.S. app right now.

The Home Depot and The Home Depot Canada for iPad  and The Home Depot Canada for iPhone Home Depot! More power tools! Plus they have apps just for us Canadians.

Gap remember when The Gap just sold Levis (Fall into the Gap was the slogan then)? Yeah, I’m old. Anyway if you shop at The Gap, there’s an app for that.

Target for iPhone and Target for iPad we’re finally getting Target in Canada next year, until then it’s still cross-border shopping shopping for me to save money.

Walmart for iPhone and Walmart for iPad more bargains. Sometimes you just need to save a buck, or three or five.

Best Buy, Best Buy Canada, and Future Shop (Canada only) if you’re looking for electronics deals, well Best Buy has a lot. Here in Canada Best Buy is rather new, but they own the popular retailer Future Shop in the same category. Disclosure: I contribute to the Future Shop Tech Blog

Toys”R”Us sure, sure the LEGO are for your kids or young relatives. I know, it’s cool.

H&M get your hipster fashions at a good price, well, unless you’re just shopping at a thrift store.

Sam’s Club sync in your account and get deals, plus where your closest Sam’s Club is when you’re craving a gallon of pickles.

Costco If you’re not shopping at Sam’s Club, you might be shopping at Costco. I loaded the app up and though it seems to be able to deal with looking for Canadian Costcos, I don’t think it’s terribly happy about it.

I’m sure I missed an app or three, so let me know in the comments what your favorite shopping apps are.

Photo from Flickr by Robert Bahn