Shuttering OpenFeint Could Crash Older Games


OpenFeint came before Game Center and let you see how well (or didn’t) play iOS games. Then game Game Center and I think a lot of us forgot about OpenFeint—maybe even the game developers themselves—that turns out to be a little problematic because the new owner GREE is closing down OpenFeint—in a month.

Touch Arcade highlighted the problem last week and MacRumors highlighted it today as well:

OpenFeint, one of the first iOS leaderboard platforms, will be shutting down in one month according to the company that owns it. The problem, at least for gamers, is that older games may crash upon launch depending on how they are coded.
From: Mac Rumors

Realistically, this means that devs how have abandoned older games will have to see if they want to take time to update them. For other devs who’ve been using OpenFeint they are under the gun to make sure their app won’t crash on start up in a month. Oh and don’t forget iTunes Connect is shutting down for the holidays December 21st, so add this to the pressure/backlog that Apple will face.

So much fun.

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