Siri Used To Control Philips Hue Lights


siriDeveloper Brandon Evans has developed a SiriProxy plugin to control Philips’ newly launched Hue lights. SiriProxy, in case you don’t remember, is an open source project that lets developers add extra functionalities to Siri without requiring a jailbreak.

Philips has companion iOS and Android apps that controls the intensity and color of the lights wirelessly. The wireless interface is enabled by a bridge, which comes bundled along with the lights. Although the interface isn’t open, a few developers managed to find specifications of the API to develop their own solutions to control  the lights.

Using a combination of the sniffed Philips Hue API and SiriProxy, Evans managed to develop his own plugin to control the lights using Siri. A few example commands are:

  • Turn off all the lights
  • Turn on the bedroom light
  • Turn up the kitchen
  • Set the hallway to 20%
  • Set the bedroom to light blue (colors not implemented yet)
  • Make it look like a sunset (scenes not implemented yet)

Here’s a video demoing the plugin:

SiriProxy Hue from Brandon Evans on Vimeo.

Installation instructions and the plugin’s source code is available on GitHub.

Via: The Loop

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