Siri in Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish Coming Soon?

A posting on Apple’s jobs page looking for interns who speak Arabic, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Norwegian and Swedish to work on Siri points to new languages coming soon.

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This Apple jobs post (Dutch site) makes it pretty clear that the internship is for Siri and being able to speak fluently in English is key to the job. Makes sense, they have to translate “what is the meeting of life” and “I’d like some sushi” in to their native language, plus the response, plus get Siri to understand it all.

Language and Siri has been a touchy thing in many parts of the world. Here in Canada one reason Siri was delayed was lack of support for Canadian (Quebec) French. I can’t imagine the challenges involved in getting words understood, questions transcribed, and answers correct as well.

Hmm, wonder who the voice of the Swedish Siri will be?

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  • Anders

    Hmm, wonder who the voice of the Swedish Siri will be?I hope it´s princess Victoria:)

  • Slick

    “what is the meeting of life”?
    When u meet death !!
    Great to see more improvements for siri
    maybe someday siri will become I-Robot
    without all the craziness

  • Ivan Overgaard Nielsen

    it’s probably first come to Summer 2013 :(
    P. S
    I’m from Denmark

  • coltensplat

    I wish PewDiePie was the voice for Siri in Swedish… (Jag pratar pĂĄ svenska :D)

  • coltensplat

    I have Siri call me by my username I use most of the time (coltensplat) but she pronounces it “Colten-split”…