Gather Your Friends, Sky Gamblers Supports 4-Player Split Screen Over AirPlay

Have an Apple TV (or a Mac running Reflection) a copy of Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy, and a few friends? Well get them over to blast each other out of the sky. Released today by Namco Bandai is an updated version of Sky Gamblers aerial dogfighting that lets up to four people play together streamed to an AppleTV.

Sky Gamblers is one of the classic Apple showcased games for iPad that has great streaming via AirPlay. It’s not a free game, but at $3 it isn’t bad, plus he new party play looks awesome:

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I can see a lot of fun playing with a group of friends. Remember this is up to four players so you can play head to head with one other person or just three people. This seems to me to be one of the first games that lets you do his so nicely (if I’m wrong, please let me know in the comments).

In the virtual iPhoneHacks newsroom we were talking about how AirPlay mirroring for games is one of the best, and least talked about, features of the Apple TV. It’s another reason to make sure if you don’t have one to get it on your holiday list this year.

If you don’t have an Apple TV and want to stream to you’re Mac or PC you’re not out of luck. I’ve used Reflection for Mac and PC very successfully for demoing apps and playing games. Yes, the more oomph your machine has the better for Reflection.

As far as game play goes, I have to say I find Sky Gamblers more challenging than MetalStorm Wingman (free). Sky Gamblers has some nice auto modes that I haven’t really played with, but going through the tutorial is certainly worth it.

If you already have Sky Gamblers, update it! If your friends don’t have it guilt them into getting the app (or bribe or gift) and have a little gaming party this weekend.

Sky Gamblers App Store Link: iTunes App Store

Via: Namco Bandai

HT: TechCrunch

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