Some LTE iPad 4 Pre-Orders Arriving This Friday

Ipad 4 lte nov16

If you pre-ordered a cell-capable/LTE/cellular 4th generation iPad, you could have it in your hands on Friday. At least that’s what a few people are reporting this morning.

When Apple announced the 4th generation iPad (iPad 4) last month, I think we were all a little surprised that the LTE/cellular version of it and the iPad mini weren’t coming until much later that their WiFi counterparts. Well, if you were waiting for your pre-order to be in your hot little hands, your wait might soon be over.

According to MacRumors some customers have received shipping updates that their LTE iPad 4 is on its way and will be there on Friday! Now if you were thinking about picking one up in store, Friday could be the day as well:

We had also received a report indicating that AT&T would begin selling the cellular-capable models of the iPad mini and fourth-generation iPad on November 16, with the carrier offering a $100 discount to those signing for a two-year data contract for the device. All iPad models including the iPad mini are eligible for the promotion.

I’ve always been curious why people get the LTE iPad. Myself I have an über generation 6GB data plan for my iPhone so I just make it a hotspot (I know it isn’t as fast as LTE, but it works dandy), what about you? Did you order an LTE iPad 4 (or mini)? Are you a wifi-only or cellular tablet fan?

Image from MacRumors.

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