StickNFind Bluetooth Locator Sticker Help You Find What’s Lost

Iphone radar

We’ve all lost or misplaced items and wish we could just ping it and have it let us know where it is. Yeah “Marco”, “Polo” works in the pool with your friends, not so much with your keys. There’s a pretty cool Indiegogo project called StickNFind that uses quarter-sized, battery-powered, Bluetooth disks that you can stick on just about anything (or anyone) that aims to solve this problem.

Checking out the Indiegogo page for StickNFind and watching the video:

I think you’ll be hit with the same “damn that’s cool” feeling that I was. The app supports up to 20 of these spiffy little disks and with page, finder, and leash functions I see lots of uses for them. Yeah the putting one on your wife’s car is sneaky, but putting one on your kids for the playground…that’s clever. Luggage? Clever and helpful.

The project is a ways from being funded, but they also have over a month to go to hit their goal.

Where would you stick one of these trackers?

HT: Slashgear

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  • Abel Goddard

    Totally throw one on every remote control. Have wanted this for a long time!

  • Chris

    Shut up and take my money!

  • fireknight25

    Is it approved by FAA? Don’t want to get on the no flight list for trying this on an airline.

  • Good Luck

    This could be built into so many devices and powered by that devices battery. What an awesome product to think up.

  • Apel P

    Thought it was cool until I saw the price tag. 35 bucks(on discount) for just two. Too much for me. Great idea though

  • Want This

    $49.95 for two at suggested retail. Won’t become a mainstream product at this price. Getting 10 stickers for $150 during the project funding is a much better price point.


    holy smokes; maybe we can buy a few thousand locators so we don’t have to organize our inventory…. AT ALL!
    also, when do we get hoverboards?

  • dicks

    what if you lose your phone?

  • shahaf

    I want to buy a sticker for iPhone