The iPad Owns 70% of the Chinese Tablet Market

New data reported by Reuters shows China’s tablet market grew over 60% last quarter and Apple dominates with over 70% marketshare.

Updated data from China shows that the Chinese tablet market grew 62.5% in Q3 compared to the previous year, and while Apple is down a percentage point, it still dominates the market:

Apple had 71.4 percent of the market, down a percentage point from the second quarter, ahead of Lenovo Group with 10.5 percent. Chinese firm Ereneben was third with 3.6 percent, edging out Samsung Electronics on 3.5 percent.
From: China’s tablet market grows 63 percent in third quarter; Apple is king | Reuters

China is essential for gadget makers with the largest Internet and mobile markets in the world (by number of users). While it appears that cheaper tablets are eating into Apple’s lead, the iconic iPad remains the tablet to have and use.

HT: Barrons

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