The Magazine Updated with More Sharing Options and Support For Third Party Browsers

As I talked about in my “why we don’t have a Retina mini” post, I love Marco Arment’s The Magazine. I downloaded, read, and subscribed to it in one fell swoop. Today there’s a nice update to the app that improves speed, function, and sharing options.

Let’s start off with the release notes:

What’s New in Version 1.1
– Improved legibility on iPad mini
– Better in-app-purchase flow
– Many small bugfixes and improvements
– Share links within articles or send them to Instapaper
– Share selected text from articles
– Post to with Netbot if you have Netbot installed
– New Settings screen: manage your subscription, choose from installed web browsers for opening links (supports Safari, Chrome, Opera Mini, iCab Mobile, Grazing, Mercury, Dolphin, and Terra)

Right, so how does this work in reality? Like this:


2012 11 16 14 10 00
2012 11 16 14 02 01
2012 11 16 14 10 34

The gist is that it’s now easier to select and share things from The Magazine with other folks. Yes, if you want more than just the beginning of the article, you have to pay. Frankly, I think it’s worth it.

Federico Viticci explains some of the browser handling things, and the reasoning behind it, in links within his post:

The Magazine has been growing in terms of quality of content and as an app. Version 1.1 adds new sharing options and a settings window to choose the default browser to open links with — a design decision that Marco has extensively discussed on his podcast Build and Analyze with Dan Benjamin. Fortunately, the added screen doesn’t make the app more complex: The Magazine 1.1 scans for installed third-party browsers and offers a popover (on the iPad) or a new view (on the iPhone) to set the default browser. Safari, Chrome, Opera Mini, iCab Mobile, Grazing, Mercury, Dolphin, and Terra are supported.
From: MacStories

While, granted, this isn’t a huge update (either in terms of the app itself or how many people have it), I think what Marco has done with starting this new venture is pretty amazing. Great content every two weeks at a reasonable price, and he’s making money on it—and expanding. Things that I think are important to both the app ecosystem and publishing.

Oh and if your’e wondering about wet shaving, I’ve been doing it for years. This is the Mekur razor I have, I do wish I had the long-handled version though.

App Store link for The Magazine (Universal).