Time Warner CEO Hopes Apple Makes a TV

While speaking at Business Insider’s IGNITION Conference, Time Warner’s CEO Jeffrey Bewkes said that he hopes Apple will make a television set as he thinks that Apple is a great device company.

He believes that Apple will be able to solve one of the fundamental problems with televisions with their “good interface and navigation skills”.

This will help people sort through the 200 channels they have on their cable boxes. They will find the shows they want without having to slog through the current crappy interface offered by cable companies.
[..] They’ve taken devices that were long believed to be commoditized and created differentiation. Bewkes believes Apple can do the same with televisions.
He also expects a lot of competition in this space and expects to see “as many interfaces as you can get.”
Ever since Steve Jobs biography revealed that he felt that he had finally cracked integrated Television sets, there has been chatter that Apple will release iOS based television sets as early as this year.
According to the latest report, Apple may launch its own branded television in November 2013, ahead of the holiday season, which could cost $1500 to $2000 and come in sizes from 42-inches to 55-inches.
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