Tony Fadell: What Scott Forstall Got Was “Deserved and Justified”

We haven’t heard the last of Scott Forstall’s departure from Apple, or at least what people have to say about it. In an interview with the BBC, Tony Fadell says that Scott Forstall got what was “deserved and justified” in the end and that “people were cheering in Cupertino” when he was forced out.

In a BBC interview posted last night Tony Fadell, even when pushed, just says that Forstall, essentially, got what he deserved. Maybe read between the lines: karma’s a b*tch. While Fadell’s comments about Forstall was getting a lot of attention this morning (we certainly love our gossip), I found his candid discussion about the first iPod and his latest project Nest far more interesting:

Back in 2001 I wasn’t really paying attention to Apple, sure I heard about the iPod and all, but I was doing other things then. I never really thought about where hard drive technology was in 2001 and the huge challenge it must have been to pull off putting a device with moving parts—and really doesn’t like being jostled—into something that is designed to be, essentially, jostled. Tony Fadell’s comments on Nest, also key to the future of connected consumer goods. Connected kettle or toaster? Nah. Connected fridge? Maybe (especially if it could remind you when food hitting its expiry date or you need milk). The Nest is something that I would certainly get. I’ve had to program thermostats before and they aren’t intuitive at all. They don’t make sense and you’re never sure if you’re doing it right. The epitome of a product designed by engineers, but not vetted by real people.

So, while it’s fun to continue to hash and re-hash Forstall’s departure, I think it’s time to look at the next phase of Apple. Which, probably will start today with iTunes 11.

HT: MacRumors.

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