iOS 6 Maps Spoken Turn-by-turn Navigation Goes Live In Australia

ios-6-maps-app9to5Mac points to several tweets by Australia-based Twitter users who note that iOS 6’s turn-by-turn voice navigation has gone live in the region.

The country wasn’t included in Apple’s initial rollout of the troubled service, and was skipped from Apple’s second rollout as well, when turn-by-turn went live in countries like Egypt, Malaysia and Macau.

An email from ex-iOS chief Scott Forstall to an Australian iOS user back in September noted that maps data for turn-by-turn needed to “exceptional and qualified,” and that only after that would Apple rollout the service in the region. Since then Apple has apologised for the disappointing iOS 6 Maps experience, pointed users to rival mapping services, and reportedly fired iOS-chief Scott Forstall for a number of reasons including Maps.

Additionally, TUAW notes that Apple has improved Flyover coverage in Atlanta, and possibly a number of other areas, continuing delivering steady improvements to its Maps data.

Over the past few days, have you noticed improved iOS 6 Maps coverage in your area?