Twitter for iOS Pushes Out Big Update with Easier Sharing, More Photos, and Better Search. Did You Update?


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It’s an app-erific update day isn’t it? Facebook released an update that (finally) included sharing and comment tagging and now Twitter has pushed out (really Apple is pushing out the update, Twitter is just letting everyone know, aren’t they?) with (gasp) the ability to email tweets (welcome to 2012 Twitter), better search, and some nice multimedia touches. Here’s what I’m wondering, are you tapping update for this?

Twitter was so excited about this update they don’t have just one blog post about it, but three:

Okay! We get it, you’re excited! You know, personally, I don’t use the official Twitter app on any of my devices or Mac (except as a backup). I’ve been a fan of HootSuite for years and until very recently I used their client on all my iOS devices. Hootsuite, in fact, just pushed out an update that added its magical auto scheduling feature to iOS devices. We didn’t hear much about that though. Pity, it’s a solid app.

More recently I’ve been trying Tweetbot on my Mac and iOS devices and I’m impressed with those tools too. So the question I’m posing to you, as Twitter is updated, what is your Twitter app of choice?

I’m thinking a Twitter app for iOS showdown might be in order as well. Yeah, Twitter is trying to kill off third party Twitter apps, but they aren’t dead yet!

Are these Twitter app updates more “oh yeah I’ll update later” or (like Facebook) “dude, gotta do that now!”? Let’s see which Twitter app gets your love and attention in the comments.

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