Update On The Apple TV 3 Jailbreak

When I picked up an Apple TV last week and asked folks what I should do with it first, I think it was a tie between return and get an Apple TV 2 and just jailbreak it. Since I didn’t return the Apple TV and have an Apple TV 3, jailbreaking isn’t an option. At least not yet.

The folks at FireCore who have released Seas0nPass – a jailbreak tool for the 2nd generation Apple TV say they are still working on a jailbreak for the Apple TV 3:

No one is more anxious than us to get the ATV3 opened up to 3rd party apps, but due to the reasons mentioned above we’re not able to provide any kind of release timeline right now.
From: State of the ATV3 | FireCore

Essentially it comes down to this:

While we tend to think of ourselves as pretty resourceful, the security related expertise that is required in order to release a jailbreak for iOS based devices like the ATV is just not in our wheelhouse, and we’re simply left to encourage the capable few as best we can.

Like the iPhone 5 that is still waiting for a jailbreak, many newer Apple devices are proving resistant to hacking. If you have an older Apple TV—Jailbreak Apple TV 3, Apple TV 2—or older iOS device—How To Jailbreak iPhone, iPad And iPod Touch—you have lots of options available to you.

Let’s hope the jailbreak community finds a way to free the newer devices and make room for jailbreaks.

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  • key

    so how is that an update ?? you “updated” with no news at all….

    • genXhippie

      Yes, that’s correct. The update is, that there is NO update. The jailbreak situation regarding the ATV3 is uncharged from before, unfortunately. So, there was essentially no news to report imo.


    bla bla bla , WTF ….

  • genXhippie

    “It (ATV3) has a faster processor, double the RAM and streams video in a higher quality — who wouldn’t want to take advantage of it?”, me. :P

    Only because of XBMC, I’ll stick w/ with my ATV2 over an ATV3. ;)

  • No Name

    If Apple successfully prevented jailbreaks they would shoot themselves in their own foot. They would lose the jailbreak community to Android rooting.

  • Jim

    As much anxious as folks like me are, these guys just make up news to attract attention without anything solid to say. Well they cannot be blamed but rather making the best of the attention this is taking, thats all !!